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My cat's not eating and it's starting to really worry me

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Hi, I hope someone can help.

Firstly, I'll give you a little history
We got our gorgeous cat from the RSPCA 6 months ago when he was around 2 years old. He is very settled, usually has a good appetite and will always eat every meal put down within a few minutes. He is mainly an indoors cat (we are at work during the week so keep him indoors) but let him out each evening in our back garden which is sheltered. He had to have his tail amputated while he was at the RSPCA and now has a little stump which he wags (I tell you this as I'm aware you can tell about some cat's behaviour through their tail movements). He doesn't go out the front as there are so many parked cars on our street I would be worried he would get run over again. As a result he doesn't have much to do with local cats in the area. A few nights ago we found a local ginger cat in our back garden which is rare and although we didn't hear them fight (we would have done) there was definately a moment of some vocal noise which is what drew our attentiont to them.

Over the last couple of weeks Pads' has started to leave a little food in his bowl and then to return to it a bit later on which we took to be a good sign. However, over the last few days Pads' appetite has dwindled. Friday morning I noticed some of his dry food was still out from the night before so I threw it away and replaced it. When I returned from work he hadn't eaten much of the dry food so I replaced it with wet food which he loves. He sniffed it had a tiny bit and then left it. We replaced the food on Friday night with dry but again this was left. Yesterday we figured he may be bored with his IAMS and so went to the local pet food and bought organic wet food (actual pieces of tuna and egg) and some dry food specifically for fussy cats. He had a third of the wet food and before we went to bed he had eaten another third (bearing in mind this is only one sachet - nothing else has been given to him except for a few hand fed treats which he enjoyed). We left the new dry food for him last night and it's still there this morning.

We haven't noticed anything different in his character. He still enjoys fighting with the duvet, enjoys being held and petted. He still wants company and sleeps in our room until he wakes me up demanding attention and I put him outside our room.

He is really shedding his fur at the moment which I'm assuming is down to the time of year since it's hot and he has a thick glossy coat. He still enjoys going outside and chasing flies and bugs. In fact last weekend he caught his first mouse and although didn't kill it (I managed to trap the mouse as he brought it inside) he did pierce the skin as there was a small blood wound. He isn't talking much more than he usually does and still grooms himself all the time. He isn't vomiting and his toilet hasn't changed. There is just nothing strange or different in his behaviour except for his lack of appetite. I just don't know what's going on.

I'm sorry this is so long but I wanted to give you all the facts as Pads is the first cat I have ever owned. I love him to bits and don't want to be missing anything obvious. I really hope someone has experienced this before and can give me some advice.

Thank you!
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Welcome to you and Pads

My first thought is that Pads' appetite might be slightly lower because of the heat that we've been having (well not so much this last week!)

Having said that, it might be worth trying warming his food (heightens the smell and becomes more appetising) I do this with Tibby on occasion. Alternatively, poach some whitefish (boneless) or chicken breast and serve it shredded, slightly warm with some rice. You can then add some of the chicken broth for more moisture. My lot love this!

Is Pads drinking well?

As he's acting normally and using the tray normally, I would think it's more of an off period. You could always give your vet a call and see if they can offer any advice, too.
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Hi Sar,

Thank you for your message and advice.

Pads isn't a big drinker and I don't see him at the water bowl that often (I haven't really seen him there over the last couple of days) so I can't really commit on this. Given the opportunity he'll lap from my glass of water by my bed at night so I have taken to covering it with a book.

My partner gave Pads some tinned food on his fingers this morning and Pads was really interested. However he didn't eat much so we've left some different types of food on an old plate in case he wasn't keen on his stainless steel bowl.

If he doesn't improve today I'll ring the vets tomorrow, I'm pleased to hear you didn't think it is a big problem, that's given me some relief.

Many thanks

p.s. If anyone else has any tips or advice or has been through a similar experience I'd love to hear from you.
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That's good that Puds has eaten a little this morning!

A good way to ensure that you get water into a 'no so much of a drinker' is by adding water to the wet food. I do this with Molly as she is prone to UTI and has Idiopathic Cystitis (so it's imperative that she drinks!)

Also, in regard to him wanting water from your glass, why don't you provide him with one of his own He might like that Or a drinking fountain?

When Tibby has his off times, I often feed him in a different location too, sometimes this might be a windowsil or on top of the cat tree

Sending Good Appetite }}}VIBES{{{ to Puds
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I would never have thought of adding water to his wet food or leaving a glass of water for him. I'm defrosting some chicken for him at the moment so he can have that with some rice.

Thank you so much for your advice this morning and thanks for my star.

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