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Does your cats have middle names or am I just insane?

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Just wondering if anyone gives their cats middle names? My family thinks I'm freaking mad because I've given my "children" middle names! I've noticed on some other posts that people have 2 names listed for their pets, so I'm assuming other people do this too. I just thought it would be fun to see if you do this and what their full names are.
My furbabies full names are:
#1: Echo Jean ( I have no idea how this came about...I think she was getting into something she shouldn't have been and did exactly what my Mom did to me...called out "Michelle Dawn...you should be ashamed of yourself!". You know..now that I think about it, she still does this!!!!).
#2: Bud Roe Presley (don't have an explaination for this one...my brother named him! He wanted to name him Elvis and I had to put my foot down on that one! So, I settled for Presley...at least it sounds a little better!
# 3: Tiki LaRue (it just seemed to fit her for some crazy reason! She's such a little pris and LaRue sounds like a prissy Southern Belle...no offense to anyone from the South or whos name is La Rue! )
#4: I had to include my canine friend too...Her name is Mandy Sue

Ok...Your turn! Please share...I think it'll be fun!
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I have always named my pets and stuffed animals people names, but never gave them middle names. Well, my fiance', Roger, just one day started calling her "Ashley Marie". I guess there you go....she has a middle name now!

You aren't nuts. You are someone that loves her cats just as much as her children.
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We do not use middle names for our kitties, but, you wouldn't believe all the nicknames we call them. I'm not sure how it all began but they do have several. We call our cat Austin "Austin Bostin" sometimes for no logical reason. I guess we just like the way it sounds. Our cat Roger sometimes is referred to as "peenie" in reference to a male bodypart. No, we don't hate him, it just was a name that stuck. Whenever we use their nicknames they just look at us like we have to tolerate you because you feed us. Can't explain the stupidity of the human mind. Go figure....
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We don't use middle names, but we do use lots of nicknames.
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no middle names just a lot of nick names ,fat cat,nickie,chey chey,and sometimes bad ones!
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My Joey has a middle initial.....P....Hence his full name is Joseph P. Kitten. Don't ask me what it stands for, because it doesn't stand for anything. Squirt does not have a middle name....just a ton of nicknames. They both do.
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I would call Leo, Leonardo Di Pusskins when he was being particularly sweet.
Sometimes Fred has a middle initial, Fred G. Lumps. I am not sure what the G stands for, but he got really chubby one winter, and he was the Fred Lump.
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Nope, no middle names here. And now I feel all guilty for depriving my kitties of a middle name! I guess it's because I don't have one. Is there any other human out there without a middle name? LOL I'm going to have to think of a middle name for the furbabies.

It always looks strange though, when the vet clinic sends letters and they're addressed to Milo Waterhouse! I didn't think to give my kitties my last name as well. I know - BAD kitty mummy!!
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Nope, no middle names, but plenty of nicknames though
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The - as in Alf the cat, Ronnie the bad cat.
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Oh yes, my 3 have middle names...I feel it adds to their individual characters.

Trixie: Trixie Loo

Bazil: Bazil William (or just Billy)

Max: Maxwell Blade
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I just knew one day someone would ask.....

Spawn of Satan. Such a precious little kitty she is.
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I dont have a middle name for Peedoodle but my parents had a cat named Muggsy Bogues (after the little basketball player) and we were always calling him 'Muggsy Wuggsy Babycakes Bogues' He suffered from a syndrome in which he thought he was human.
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Rowdy's middle name is "Dammit"and all of her vet paperwork has Bill's and my last names, hyphenated.
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i don't think you're crazy, because mine have middle names...
Pixel Pattern
Cable Tailchaser
Java Sue
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Mine never did have middle names, but after reading a similar post (about kitty middle names), I caught Festus sitting in a chair by the dinner table, with both front paws resting on the table, sweet as you please. Without even thinking, I said, "Festus Marie! Get your feet off the table!"

So now Festie has a middle name. Garfield and Sugartoes are still waiting, and I have 2 babies who don't have any names at all!
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Baxter Ray

Buster Reily

Romeo Blake
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Ailey does its Ailey Marie Bradford. Salem and Isis dont have middle names...YET!
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Originally Posted by Jin & Spawn
I just knew one day someone would ask.....

Spawn of Satan. Such a precious little kitty she is.
hahaha that is one of Salems nick names he also gets called the devils cat. him and his (you have to say this all in one breath like my DH does) littleminipanthergettingintoeverythingunderthesunnolisteningmouthyself hahaha.... well he is
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Oh my word cats have funny names!!!
Ill have to explain Sleeves' middle name and many may think we are slighty insane afterwards...
His name is Sleeves Pombina Broughton-Livingston

So Sleeves is the name of a record shop near by and loooong before we had a cat I said it would be a cool name for a cat, so it stuck (despite very strange looks from anyone I tell his name to...)
Pombina was the name of a donkey Mark and I met on Holiday in Portugal, my little brother and sister (3 and 5) who were also with us, got lots of rides on her back and she was really pretty with flowers all over her and stuff so we thought the name was so funky it has stuck with us for ages and although Pombina was a female we still say it's Sleeves' middle name, also my username...
and Broughton-Livingston is mine and Marks surnames combined...
We're getting a new kitten next week who we are calling Nismo, middle name TBC but Ill keep you informed
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Sophie Grace is the only furbaby I gave a middle name. No real explanation, either...it just sounded good!
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They dont neccesarily have middle names, but we do call them hyphenates.

Ghibli- Gibby Butt-Buttresson (I have NO Idea how this came about.)
Paige- Pixie Pigglesnort (It suites her. She eats like a pig and instead of purring she snores.)
Molly- MooMoo (i suppose hers doesn't count.)
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I started a thread like this awhile ago
all my boys ahve middle names.
Apollo Bishop for my dog.

Gordito the Grey
Orion Star
Nacho Cheese
Poptart Breakfast of Champions.
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No middle names here just super long show titles and registered names such as:

Silver Double Grand Premier Captivating Tickle Me Elmo


Bronze Double Grand Champion Grafton Sing a Rainbow
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
No middle names here just super long show titles and registered names such as:

Silver Double Grand Premier Captivating Tickle Me Elmo


Bronze Double Grand Champion Grafton Sing a Rainbow
I read your captivating cats thread, and wondered how do you think up such wierd and wonderful names??
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My baby girl has a middle name because it fits her purrsonality so well.
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
Molly- MooMoo (i suppose hers doesn't count.)

My Molly was Molly Moo

Abby is Abby Fay - I have NO idea why! I just started calling her that one day.
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All the kitties in our family have middle names, you bet! My parents' cats are:

Dylan Ishmael Kerns -- We named him for Bob Dylan/Dylan Thomas, and for "Call me Ishmael," opening line of one of our family's favorite classics.

Sassy Lane Kerns -- My mom named her after the kitty played by Sally Field in "Homeward Bound"... and Lane is my mother's maiden name.

Abby Helen Kerns -- Named for my mother's maternal grandmother, Abby Kuhn, who wore her hair exactly the way Miss Abby wears the black splotch on her little white haid! :-) Helen is my mom's mother's first name, and my mom's middle name.

I have no children, so I've given my cats the names I would have chosen for my kids. My kitties are:

Clyde Lee Kerns -- Clyde is my father's middle name, which came from the grand shipbuilding river that runs through Glasgow; and Lee comes from my father's great great great uncle, Lee Neal, who was an Illinois attorney who helped draft the 14th Amendment!

Pearl Noelle Kerns -- Pearl is just a lovely name that I've always liked, and it honors Pearl Dykes, a wonderful woman who was our babysitter for three years when my brother and I were kids. Noelle is the feminine version of my brother Noel's name, and I chose it to honor him... but... if I may feel sorry for myself for a moment... when I introduced my brother to Pearl Noelle and told him I'd named her for him, he rolled his eyes and said, "It's a CAT." So it meant nothing to him. ~ sigh ~
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Smudgie Smock-aka-"Smudge"
Rainy Day-aka-"Rain"
Emily Lou
Cubby Jane
Elessar Willie
That's about all the middle names there is.....
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