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Kitten Name Debate

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Hey There :3

I'm debating between two names for my new kitty <3
Anyway, I couldn't pick, and I wanted the public's opinion <3
So, I have set up a little debate. The names/pronunciations are below <3
PLEASE VOTE BY REPLYING WITH YOUR CHOICE <3 (I forgot to add a poll) <3
1. Renji (Ren-Jee)
2. Ichigo (E-Chee-Go)

Both names come from very strong characters from the Bleach anime. As for the meanings:

Ichigo: Ichi=First Prize, Go=Gaurdian Angel (Japanese)
Renji: Unkown (Japanese)
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I like Rengi because I like the unknown factor and that it ends with an ee sound that many cats respond to. When you can, post a photo
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I agree, Renji.
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I also like Renji
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Renji for me too - can we see a picture of the unnamed kitty ?
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I agree, Renji.
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I also chose Renji.
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I'm a vote for Renji too, because I think as a nickname if you name him Ichigo.. you're going to run into people calling him Itchy or some version there of, which just isn't nearly as dignified.

I'm definitely a Renji (which I also like the sound of better).
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i like Renji. cats usually respond more quickly to names ending with the 'ee' sound, too.
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Would love to see a pic....
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