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Do you believe in "signs"?

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I remember when Angel died (cat) back in 2002. Not to get all religious here, but I did pray for a sign that she was ok. It was like the NEXT day, my mother called (she didn't know I prayed about this) and told me she found a clump of Angel's hair on the mat at the door (Angel lived with my mother even though she was technically my cat....I had her since I was 12 back in 84). The cat never really went outside unless she was on a small tie-out thingy (she LOVED being out) and we were there with her, but whenever my mother brushed her, she did clean the brush outside and let the fur go. I've had people tell me it was just a coincidence..that the fur just blew back, but if you were to see my mother's home, there was no way it would just HAPPEN to go back UP the steps and to the corner by the door ON the mat. There is no way. So, I took that as my sign that Angel was ok.

I prayed for a sign that Ashie was ok, too, a few weeks ago. The day after she died, I was getting dressed, but then decided to wear something else. I took the shirt off I was wearing and just kind of tossed it on the bed. I got dressed, went out to the kitchen for something, and then went BACK into the bedroom only to stop dead in my tracks.

YA. See the rounded indentation on it as if a cat had been sleeping on it?

A month or so ago, I did a scrapbook page/layout of Ashie and used strips of paper for journaling. I had forgotten to put on the last strip that said, "I will love you FOREVER!" and just never gotten around to putting it on. It had fallen off my desk where I scrap (upstairs) and onto the floor, but I never picked it up (why, I don't know).

Anyway, I noticed today, that strip of paper ended up at the bottom of the stairs on the floor. I thought maybe one of the cats had a hold of it or something...but still, I didn't pick it up...don't know why.

Tonight, my son (5 mos) woke up crying needing a diaper I put him down on our bed to change him when I noticed that strip of paper ON THE BED. I picked it up and read "I will love you FOREVER!".

And something hit me...out of nowhere....and not saying anything about my thoughts, I told my husband the story of the strip of paper. He said, "Ashie will love you forever....that's her sign".

OMG. I nearly started bawling (OK...I did a little, but I had to keep composure because of my kids)........

So....coincidence or signs from beyond? Be honest on your thoughts.....just curious as to what others think about things like this.
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I believe that can happen, but I can't recall it ever happening to me.
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I dont know about signs, but know Jazzys voice was different to Charlies. After she passed i kept hearing her high meowing or brrrrrr noises outside my door at night, even sometimes during the day when Charlie is asleep. I left her blanket on the ground for maybe a week or two before i put it back on my bed. It was on the floor and the night before she died she was sleeping on it, so her indentation was there before i picked it up. A couple of times i even just lay on the floor with my head on the blanket like she was really there
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I do believe that our loved ones can send us signs like that. I'm so glad you found yours.
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I think it's a sign of what she'd do if she were here and able to express herself, but I don't believe in the supernatural. I would take it as a comfort and a reminder of the love she gave you, but I wouldn't fault you for thinking it was actually her. I am a person of little faith. You asked for honest opinions.

I'm sorry for the loss of your kitty... You obviously loved her a lot. I almost cried reading your post.
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We had 2 kittens born exactly 1 year after a much loved family dog passed away.
That was pretty special and I saw it as a sign that Snoopy was definitely looking over us
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I totally believe in signs, had many myself, what you experienced is so sweet and special I would cherish that memory forever.
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I do believe in signs and that our loved ones can send us messages after they pass. They are still with us, even though we can't see or hear them.
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Not long after Spooky, my soul-mate kitty, died....I was sitting in the chair by my computer, looking at her picture and just sobbing my heart out because I missed her so. I huddled in the chair and holding the picture frame, not touching the desk or computer in any way. All of a sudden, the printer started up and printed something. When the paper fell into the tray, there was a tiny little heart typed in the upper left hand corner of the page. Now, think about it...where on the keyboard is a heart? I know that was Spooky's way of telling me that she was okay and waiting for me at the bridge. I folded that paper with the heart on it and taped it to the back of her picture. I'm convinced that sending me the heart was her way of communicating with me.
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That is such a sweet story.!!!

I always hop the fence when it comes to "signs". Yes, I believe in the "stop" "Yield" and "no Turn on red" but until I see metaphysical signs I always forget that I believe them.

For example when our family dog died (several years ago) about 6 months after her death I smelled her. My mom had the carpet where she spent her last days totally steamed and cleaned because our dog had began to loose control of her bladder.
Then out of no where one day, I smelled her...and the scent passed. I asked my mom if she had smelled the same thing I had smelled and she said no. So I always took that as a sign.
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Originally Posted by Jenny1124 View Post
I believe that can happen, but I can't recall it ever happening to me.

How sweet for that to happen to you. I have never lost a pet that I have been very close to, so I haven't felt the real pain yet. Thankfully.
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I don't know really. The first Jellicle to pass was a little sickly black cat named Nauti, she was allergic to everything. She is buried beneath the birdfeeders in the garden, she used to love sitting and watching them.

The 1st anniversary of her journey to the bridge, just after dark, I walked into the cats room to see the entire tribe sitting together, no bickering, totally peaceful, staring out the window toward the feeders. It was dark outside and I could see nothing out there, but even with me standing over them, they just sat there with that little slow wag of tail tips that they do. Then, like on cue, they all just got up, hopped down and went about their business. I've always wondered about that one.

In the case of both Nauti and Turvy, just a few days to a couple of weeks after their passing....a little kitten in a desperate situation would turn up needing a place to live. The one that I think of the most is Blondie Rumpleteaser. Nauti had only been gone a week, and the co-worker that finally picked her up saw her 3 times on his farm that day, in a determined trek straight south. His farm is straight north of here. I think she may have known where she was going all along, and just caught a ride here..
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I believe!! I just posted my story on a thread a couple of days ago.

My cat, Tiger, I had from the time I was 4 until I was 24. A few months after she passed I had a dream that she was at the back door looking in. I ran to the door to let her in, and somehow she told me that she wanted me to know that she was ok, and she was back, but she couldn't be my cat anymore, she had to go to someone else. I woke up in tears! Tears now writing this too! Anyway, I told my mom about it the next day and she felt the same way and started to cry. It wasn't a physical sign, but it was what I needed to feel better. I truly believe it was her contacting me. I am glad you got your sign, because mine made me feel so much better.
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I'm not religious, in any way, but I do believe in the supernatural, and I do think that spirits exist in the world. I don't believe in "angels" but I do think it's possible that spirits can communciate outside of their realm.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I totally believe in signs, had many myself, what you experienced is so sweet and special I would cherish that memory forever.
Same for me I do believe and I have had many myself.
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I am not necessarily saying it is Ashie, herself...but a higher power somehow letting ME know things...something to that degree....It really can be weird how some things happen that way.
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