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Update on the five remaining baby kittens

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That other thread was so sad to go back to... I thought I'd start fresh with good news:

I spent most of today in the breakroom at the shelter, doing the poop-feed-burp-poop-snuggle-sleep cycle with the kittens, and they're so much better! It's just wonderful to see! Apparently, the Strongid helped a lot, and then the shelter vet gave them all enemas yesterday, to help clear out the infestation... and it really seems to have worked.

The little white-with-grey one is still the weakest, but she's plumper and stronger than before... and all the others look just great. They're growing very fast. I know they could still turn out to have something they can't recover from... but they really seem to be improving. It was such a pleasure to sit there by the window on a breezy, drizzly day, watching people walk the shelter dogs on the trail out back, and feeding those precious little babies.

I also went and held Dorothy several times during the day. She's so sad... very gentle and agreeable, as always, but not her eager, loving self. It must be so hard for her, going from the freedom of our back yard and the comfy shelter we built for her to a tiny cage in a big noisy room. I hope someone wonderful comes along for her soon.
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Im so glad to hear that the kittens are feeling better!
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Many healing and healthy vibes coming that way for the kits.
I hope Dorothy finds her forever home soon too.
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Oh someone will see Dorothy for her true self soon, I have confidence in that. As for the babies, it's hard to let them go, but now you can really see how well they're flourishing. Can you imagine how demanding that would've been for you?
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Yes... it's very clear to me now that I was crazy to think I could do all that they needed done. It takes a village... or at least someone much healthier than I am. When I left the shelter today, I felt like I'd been run over by a bus! I loved what I was doing there, but it still just wore me out.

I do feel so good about the babies, though! I'm keeping the little white one on my mind, sending her healing light all the time... my little babushka baby. If she can make it, I think they can all make it.
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