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How to keep her in a few days??

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I'm fostering a friend's cat until she finds her a new home. My friend lost her house to flooding and her 2 cats have been living out on the porch the past couple of months. One of them got adopted but the other didn't. She is very very sweet and cuddly. You can put her in your car without a cat caddy and she will not freak out or claw...she is THAT sweet and loveable! She loves loves LOVES being on your lap and will bug you all day to get patted.

When the other cat got adopted I realized that she was left alone on the porch so I went over and got her. She will come right to you and just beg for attention. She has known me for many years but not as a cat that has lived with me.

I've had her in my house for 2 days now and she finally came out tonight, came to me for some affection and cuddling, but just wants to get out. She's trying to claw through my screens so I had to close all my windows. She and the other cat were in the habit of going through the screen of the screen door at their other house. That is how they exited and entered the home for many years. It didn't matter how much the owners would replace the screen--the cats tore a new hole in it so they could go in and out at will (this behavior was never discouraged or re-trained).

I don't mind letting her out but I'm worried she won't come back. I would like to keep her in a couple of weeks so she forgets the old place and stays around here when I finally do let her out. But I can't do that unless I keep all my windows closed and it is HOT--I need to have my windows open.

Someone else told me to put food dishes outside and let her out (through the door of course) and that she'll hang around and come back if there is food.

I'm looking for other opinions on what I should do. She is very upset that she can't tear holes in my screens to get out and I don't like having my windows closed. I just want her to get used to being here and think of this as her home until she gets a permanent place, but she has to learn how to go out through the door and not my screen windows!

Should I put food out and let her out? Or should I confine her for a few days or weeks?
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The biggest question here is, and I am sorry if I missed it, is she spayed? I f so, was she indoor outdoor, outside of the porch as well?
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Oh yes...she's spayed, has all her vaccines, flea treatments etc. I think she may have gotten out last night. There was a slightly open window upstairs and she may have jumped the 20 ft to the lawn. I'll have to run down to her old place today to see if she's there.
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I'd check the lawn first to see if she survived!
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She's fine. She took off again to her old house (it's only about a 1/4 mile down the road so I think that is the problem!). One of our mutual friends who's been going over there and feeding her went and got her again, and took away all the food there and moved it over here. She's broken out of my windows 3 times now so I decided just to put her dishes outside and now she's coming around every night to eat.

She's SOOOOO sweet and loveable, I just wish she'd come in!!
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She probably doesn't feel at home there, but when she goes outside, shes not familiar either. Luckily she doesn't wander off to far. Some pets, including cats, have been known to travel great distances to seek out their home when moved. Just keep welcoming her and hopefully she will start to feel more comfortable
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