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3 more days (?)

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Well based off the vets best guess Ginger has about 3 more days. But then again it was just a guess and it's really hard for a vet to predict these kinds of things. Well since I know how you all love photos here's another one of Ginger.

Is it just me or does she look like she's about to pop?
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Poor girl shes huge! I wonder how many babies she has in there!
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Any news? How's Ginger doing? Any babies yet? keep us updated....
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She looks like kali did when she was pregnant, i would expect babies soon. and my guess is 5 +
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Yeah i would give a guess of 6 or 7 lol i thought Kali was goin to have about 5 and she ended up haveing 7....lol But my baby girl isnt haveing no more she is done....She is just a loveable baby now....I hope everything is ok she hasnt said anything about her lately!
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No news yet. She's really uncomfortable and has been trying to sleep but she moves from one place to the next trying to get comfortable. She's gotten really big and her tummy is so tight and I can feel the kittens backs pressed up against the sides of her tummy. I hope it's soon so that she can get some relief. It's too late tonight, but if she doesn't have her kittens tonight I will take pictures and upload them tomorrow.
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