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to people with rabbits

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ok so got this little rabbit as most of you probly know, I am so nervous about doing intros. I've read a little on it. Some suggestions would be nice. I know I could just keep them apart. I know ceasar is a bit scared but not as much anymore, zoey was curious & bently I couldn't tell if it was curiosity or he wanted to eat him! it's more the me not holding them (cats) and letting them be introduces freely if that makes sence. suggestions anyone?
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since with any luck some bunnies will be entering my life...

this is what I was told ... Keep bunnie in it home where the cats cant get to him but can sniff...
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Well, after my bunny, Ookpik, was litter trained, I just opened her door and let her out. My cats showed some interest and went to sniff her, and that's all they've done to her. One thing about my rabbit is that she's very in your face and sort of pushy, rabbits don't see well close up so she likes to push things and sniff them good, my cats don't like to be near her at all. But it depends on your rabbits personality. Most people with cats and rabbits don't have problems between them, at least I haven't come across any. I should also mention that my cats are hunters, especially Missy, she's killed grouse and dragged them home before. So of course I was concerned she'd see Ookpik as supper, but not so, maybe they know she's part of the family? I let my rabbit free roam most of the time and the only time there's aggession is when one of the cats goes into her cage, lol. We have quite the menagerie and everyone is pretty easy going and gets along. But only you know your cats and bunny. Let your rabbit out for her/his free time and let the cats wander in under supervision and see if they're all right together.
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so far most of them don't really want to go in the room!!!! is you rabbits big or small? mine is kinda small. I will have to wait it out probly a couple weeks now as the bun is getting snipped on wednesday.
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She's a Mini Lop, and weighs a little over 6 pounds. A little smaller than my cats. I'll see if I have any pictures with both in it.

That's her and Kagome.
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heh! how cute ! yeh my guy is pobly half that size. I wish I had a bigger place so I could get him a bunny companion....even though zoey is scared...i see the most hope with her! nice cage by the way! I'm gonna start building mine a nic cage soon. he has his own room, but for him to have his own hide away.
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