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The Fig is gone....

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Figgy went home today!! The lady has a "cat house". She's got shelves all over in her house, with cat cubes, tunnels, etc. on them. She's got the little "steps" all over her house in paths on her walls. I don't know if any of that made sense. Her backyard is fenced in for the kitties. She took Figaro & another kitten.

Bad news, the other kitten had ringworm. Even worse news, I was gonna foster the remaining littermate of that kitten & 3 others & had put them together. The other three came home with me & are getting anti-fungal baths, we doubt they'll get ringworm from the minimal exposure. The one remaining littermate went into another foster home.

I will take pics soon. My three new foster babies are very scared, they've been medicated a lot in their young lives. They're 6 weeks old, one buff, one orange/white tuxedo, & one grey tabby w/ white feet(I think). They're on more meds, but at least I can spend time with them other than the times they get meds. And, in case you're wondering, mom refused to care for them anymore. Happens a lot in the shelter situation here.

I'm almost going to have to give up fostering, too. I start my new job on Tuesday at 11 am!!
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AWWW shucks no more Figgy photos ... but YIPPY for new job
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Awww little Figaro he's so cute..glad he went to a FUN home
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That is wonderful news that he found a great new home!!! Good luck with the new foster kittens
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sounds like he is going to a fun home,
I realliy need to take pics, i had my dad make some things like the katwalks on the one wall, mine just use them, to get to the top of the tv lol
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Awwwwww were going to miss that little man I'm pleased he has a loving home though, she's so lucky to have that gorgeous boy
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OHHH I've seen houses like this - built in runways around the ceilings, thru the walls, on the side of the walls - its really cool and at one time was thinking about being able to create something like this
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Figaro is such a beautiful little guy! I hope he will have a wonderful life in his new home.
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Awww I'm glad Figgy has gone to a furever home
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