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PLease I need help FL

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This is my last resort, rescues aren't answering me so I'm resorting to message boards. If someone can help or at least point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

My neighbor moved and left their unneutered/spayed cats behind, about 10 of them and they have been having kittens. Most have been trapped already and taken to animal control. I started feeding one kitten(feral) because I believe she is pregnant and wanted to get her off the streets before she had more feral kittens. I had no idea the progress I would make with her within the last week and a half alone. At first I couldn't go near her and now She talks to me constantly will rub up against me. She is still handshy but will come sit near me. A few days ago she let me pet her on the back and continues to let me although you can tell she is still a little reserved about it. She will come near me and rub up against everything she sees, seems o be affectionate. With a little effort I think she will be great. Another kitten I'm feeding looks completely emaciated and very skittish but starting today has also made major progress and will sit near me and meow at me.

I can't take these cats in, it's breaking my heart. My other neighbor will be trying to trap them Sunday night. Cats are ruining her car, she has a convertible. I need a plan, a rescue, a foster, someone who will take them in. It makes me sick that they will go to animal control and be put to sleep. I need a solution because they can't stay here. Any ideas, please!!! I'm begging, anyone who knows someone in South Florida (Broward) that can help. If I didn't have 2 dogs I would at least take her in and try to tame her and find homes for the kittens but I know it would be too stressful for her. Plus I worry about diseases and my cat. Please!!!Can you tell I'm desperate?
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This is a no-kill shelter in Broward (Margate) - http://www.catsexclusive.org/
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