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Need prayers for little baby

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Our best friends' baby is in the hospital. He stopped breathing yesterday morning, and had to be airlifted to Doernbecher's childrens hospital. It doesn't look good so far, he's in ICU with no pupil response or anything. We've spent the day today there, and are heading back tonight. The baby is not quite 3 months old. They don't know what caused it or whether he will live. The parents really don't believe he will make it, so we need lots of positive thoughts! I myself am non-religious, and I am praying hard tonight!
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That is so sad and scary. I hope everything turns out ok. I will keep your friends in my prayers.
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They will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers! I, like yourself, am not a real religious person but I believe that prayers do get answered. It's so scary that the Dr's don't know what's wrong with the baby...These are the people that we rely on for the answers! I also find it so sad that the parents don't believe he's gonna make it...They really need to think positive thoughts!!! Even though the baby may not understand, but I believe that he can "feel" their positive or negative thoughts. Please tell them that lots of people are thinking about them and they are in our prayers.
Please keep all of us posted, ok?
Best wishes,
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How terrible! Positive thoughts and prayers are on the way to the baby and his parents! Please update us.
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OMG!!!!! Your post just brought me to tears!!!! That poor little baby and the family must be going through the worst nightmare of their lives!!!!!!! I can't even imagine how I would be handling something like this if it were my baby who isn't much older than this one....I just sent up a huge prayer for this little baby!!!!! PLEASE keep us posted on how he is!!!!!! I will pray again tonight before I go to bed.
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Just want to bump this back up to the top.
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The family and baby will be in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know of any news that you get.
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What a terrible thing to have happen! This little baby is in my thoughts today.
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Oh no! That baby is definitely in my prayers. And so are the parents.
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Good thoughts and prayers from me, too! Any news on this poor family?
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Marcy, I'm sending good thoughts and prayers from Down Under.
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Thanks. Things are looking a little better. His pulse and blood pressure improved slightly, he's now only 1 degree below normal body temperature, and they got an arterial tube in, whatever that is, and whatever that checks for checks out normal. The opthamologist said that while there is hemorrhaging on the cornea, it's out of the line of sight so if he survives, there will be no loss of vision. We had the parents over last night for a couple hours and a bite to eat, Deidre(the mother) caught a couple hours sleep here while I watched Kennith(their 2 year old) and Sam(the dad) went with Mike for food. The neurologist is supposed to be there some time this morning. We're going this afternoon, we're going to make some cookies to take and I'm going to start Chicken and Dumplings for everyone. They normally live about 350 miles from here, a 5 hr drive, and Mike has volunteered to take one of them on a "road trip" to pick up anything they need from home.
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Marcy, I'm so glad things are looking a bit better for the little one. Hoping he continues to get better...
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Things do look better, and i will continue praying for everyone.
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I just said a little prayer, too.
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I wasn't here yesterday so just saw this...but I'm glad to hear things are looking up. I will keep them in my prayers until we're sure he'll be OK!

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I am glad to hear he is doing better!!!!! I will continue to pray for him. That is so nice of you guys to help them out like this!
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The neurosurgeon saw Christian today. There was almost zero chance of him waking up, and if he did wake up, he wouldn't have been able to do anything. almost the entire brain was affected- he wouldn't have been able to walk, talk, or eat on his own. The parents made the most difficult decision I think a parent could. They took him off life support, and Christian died at about 4:45 this afternoon. We're doing our best to help the family cope, They are staying with us for a few days until they're able to deal with going home. The memorial will probably be this weekend, and we're going to drive down there for it. Thank you for your prayers and support.
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Oh how terrible...that brought tears to my eyes, the poor poor family, what an awful decision to have to make.
I will add them to my prayers and am sending them healing positive thoughts... I just can't imagine how terrible it must be for them.
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Oh that is awful, the poor family. I will continue to pray for them. You are such a good friend to be there for them like that.
This is just awful.
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Oh Marcy, I am so, so sorry. Thinking of you, Christian and all of his family.
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I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend's baby Do they know what caused this? That is nice of you to let them stay with you.
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Oh Marcy - there are really no words that can help those affected by such a tradegy. I'm not especially religious but I am sure God will take good and loving care of little Christian until he is reunited with his parents.

Their decision was incredibly brave and not one that everybody would agree with, it must have taken immense strength.

Bless you and Mike for helping and supporting your friends at what is no doubt the worse time of their lives. They need to be strong too for their little boy who has lost his baby brother.
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I am so very sorry. I will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.
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oh no, that is too sad. What a terrible decision to have to make. Yola is right, it was very brave of them. I will keep everyone in my thoughts as you help them through this difficult time.
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Sending you and Christian's family our prayers...

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OMG!!!! I am SO sorry to hear this!!!! I really thought he would make it, I had such positive feelings about it.....I feel so bad for his family...I can't even imagine how horrible this is for them!!!! I am just devestated to hear this!!! I know it is little consolation, but he is with God and the angels now, and will be very very happy and loved there until he sees his family again. Please tell them our thoughts are with them...I feel so bad for them.
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That is so terrible, I am so sorry for them and for that darling baby. I only hope and pray he is in a better place now, looking down on all of you and that he is free of pain and suffering.
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God Bless you and Mike for being such supportive friends. Even though it was such a hard and heart wrenching decision for the parents, it probably was for the best. I just can't imagine the pain they must be going through...and for you too. It so hard when we lose loved ones especially ones whos lives have just started. I know that you didn't mention anything about them donating Christians organs, but if they decided to do that at least they would know that their precious baby helped another infant who was ill. I know it's little consolation, but just knowing that he stills lives through another helpless child might help a little.

My prayers are with you and your friends during this sad time.
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OMG!!! How terrible!!!!! I feel so sorry for those poor parents, they will never be able to fully recover from the horrible pain of loosing Christian !!!!! I am continuing to send prayers to them and to you.
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