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Punk rock kittens!

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I saw these shirts at my work and just had to try them on the babies! Don't worry, they were only on for about five minutes while I snapped some photos.

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Where did you get them?! I WANT ONE!!! Can you order them online?!

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Oh my!! That is tooo funny!!! They look way too sexy!!
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I NEED those! Where do you work?

Very cute kittens, BTW....
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:o OMG, I want to dress my kitty! Those rock!
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Awww! They are so cute!

The striped kitten looks a lot like mine, just mine has a little orange in her.

They are so gorgeous.
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They are sooooooo cute!!!! They certainly don't look too stressed out
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I work at Incredible Pets in Grass valley, CA. But you can find these alot of the time online on ebay(they are puppy shirts!) or Petedge. The official site is
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Aw, so adorable! The kittens are so content looking.
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Ah! Thanks... I think I'm going to order some!
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OMG they look so cute!

You should see some of our members cats outfits, especially at halloween and christmas, their so funny
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Very cute- I reckon the black skulls would look deadly on Radar

Epona thinks its wrong to dress pets
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Originally Posted by keegen View Post
I love this shot!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
I love this shot!
Thats my favorite too

VERY cute!!
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aww they are too cute!
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aww look at those cherubs - they actually dont look too bothered by their punk outfits
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They didn't seem to care at all! They seemed perfectly content to wear them while I was snapping away.
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These are too adorable
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how adorable are those??!!! those pics are great! your kittens could be models
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I love the juxtaposition of punk and kitten. Its like when one of my handful sized foster kittens puffs herself up and hisses at me. You just want to fall over at the cuteness of all that harmless angst.
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That is just way too cute and such cuties u have tho
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Those are about some of the cutest pics I have ever seen. I hope you don't mind I borrowed the second one for my wallpaper. It will make for a big smile first thing in the morning.
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cat abuse cat abuse
lol what is this thing women have about playing dress up with cats
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awweeee. I love the punk kittys!
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