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Anyone ever use Lambert Kay Evict liquid wormer? My main questions is that is says it is for puppies but the ingredient (Pyrantal Pamoate) is the same as what is used for kittens, as well as the same exact ingredient as a dewormer you would buy from the I assume it can also be used on kittens too. I have a gigantic bottle of Equi-Phar ProTal Vedco Pyrantal Pamoate and the bottle says it is for horses and cattle but it is used for kittens and cats too. So I assume it would be the same idea you just need to get the doses correct.

Any thoughts? By all means, if no one knows don't worry about answering. I am going to call the vet on Monday and try to find out. Just wondering in the meantime if anyone does their own deworming.

P.S. these are for rescue kitties, that is why I do this all myself (no vets involved, except that my dewormer was bought in bulk from a vet), and so does a friend of mine who I am trying to help out. She is actually asking this question. She was originally using a Hartz dewormer with some odd active ingredient and I told her to look for Pyrantal.