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Info/advice urgently needed in Kansas

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Hi --I joined this site over a month ago but some recent life upheavals have kept me very busy and away. I have several indoor kitties but I also care for a group of ferals. Recently other cats have joined because there is apparently a sign above me that signals I am a cat lover and will feed them and try to rehome them. Basically I am now at capacity and cannot receive anymore. Unfortunately a neighborhood stray has had kittens. During a rainstorm she brought them to my porch. They are wild and not in great health. I am currently not in a great financial place (but am not asking for money) I have NOT had good luck placing cats here-- most places are over-run here right now too. We do not have a no-kill shelter in Wichita as far as I know or anywhere nearby and I refuse to dump them off at either of the shelters here which are both kill shelters (and feral kitties are not given a chance because they are not considered adoptable).

If anyone knows of any rescue group in the vicinity of Wichita Kansas who truly can help right now I would be so happy. I am running out of money and space and need to find a place that will take feral-born kittens.

Thank you for any info in advance
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Hello and welcome.

The only thing I can think of is PALS Animal Rescue...maybe they can find a foster home for the kittens and mother cat?


There are a couple of phone numbers on the site, I'm not sure which one to suggest that you call.

I think they work with dogs mostly but some cats.

There is a no kill shelter in Andover but AFAIK they are full AND they charge ~$100 per cat as an intake fee.


You're right...sadly the resources around you are lacking.
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Thank you beandip! I will certainly contact PALS--it never hurts to try.

I swear if I ever win a big lottery or become wealthy in any other way I way going to create a good, no kill rescue center for cats in Wichita-- we sure need it.

Thanks again!!
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