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New Cat

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I'm not new, but my cat is! We just brought him home from the shelter today. He's around a year, and had been there for about a month and a half. We almost walked past him, but I noticed that he had sort of a funny, sad-looking face, so I put my hand out to point at him and he walked right over to reach for my hand with his paw.

There was a note saying that he was very aggressive when first brought in because he was so anxious, but we haven't noticed any aggression. He's spent some time under the bed, but overall he's amazingly outgoing and very sweet.

I'll need to get a photo of him in natural light tomorrow so that you can see his eyes. I've never seen a cat with an expression like his.
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He is SO Gorgeous What is his name?
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what a handsome boy! & that tail
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He hasn't got a name yet. The shelter was calling him Fray, but that's not too great.

Our resident cat is named Audrey, so we'd like to stick with the old film stars as inspiration.

I love his tail, even though it's going to be a pain to maintain. He's got some little mattes already that we need to get out. He's also enormous. Doesn't weigh much (he is so skinny!), but he's incredibly long. We're wondering if he's got som Maine Coon in him.
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well, Cary, Grant, Cooper, Richard, Burton, Gregory, Peck, Tony, Curtis - just to name a few...
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He's a beautiful boy.
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We might be leaning towards Marlon at this point.
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What a handsome boy! Welcome to TCS!
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Ack. Resident cat is not pleased with the situation. We've got Marlon in the bathroom now, since Audrey is of the opinion that our bedroom is hers.

She's just lying outside the bathroom door, keeping watch. Occasionally growls if she catches site of Marlon under the door. Marlon seems a little stressed about the chilly reception, but he doesn't growl or hiss back at her.
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perfectly normal & to be expected, trust me. i've introduced 4 cats to Pixel, & she does this every time.
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Yeah, we're not too worried about the introduction. It'll be stressful for both of them, but they'll deal with it.

Here's a fun one, though: Marlon ate some of his own poo. How do we know this? Because he just vomited it up in front of us. Then, of course, feeling much better, he came over and tried to lick me.

Anyone know anything about cats eating their own poo?
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my sister's MIL had a dog that did that. he was missing an enzyme - she had to sprinkle meat tenderizer on his food to prevent him from doing it. might be something similar
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well hello handsome orange boy - glad your moma has told us about you we look forward to hearing & seeing more about you
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Well, we're either incredibly lucky or we've got some sort of intense cat mojo going on. We've got a very dominant resident cat who's used to being the queen of the household, and a cat who just spent over a month at the shelter with a tag on his cage warning about anxious agression.

Within ten hours of getting home Marlon was curled up cuddling with us on the sofa while we watched a movie.

Audrey, though definitely pissed about the whole undertaking, has kept her reaction to a minimum of hissing and growling. We tried a ten minute supervised meeting (with a heavy blanket at hand), and it went amazingly well. Audrey did a bunch of hissing and growling, but made absolutely no move to chase or attack, even when Marlon got within a foot of her.

Marlon, for his part, is incredibly mellow about it. He just looks at her with a sort of puzzled expression and continues on his way. It obviously stresses him out a bit, but all in all he was pretty comfortable with Audrey.
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Hello and Welcome. What a gorgous orange boy you have there. Both my cats were shelter cats as well and once they get use to you they make great little companions.
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Hah, he wants to play so much. She's sitting on her favorite chair, and Marlon just keeps inching closer and closer. He's either very brave or very stupid. Audrey is tolerating him shockingly well, but it doesn't take a genius to know that if tries something he's gonna get thwapped.
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Hello & welcome
He is gorgeous
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He's absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!

Welcome to TCS! If you have any questions, please feel free to click on my username and send me a private message.
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