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Challenge: Photo in a Photo

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Anyone who emjoyed the out of bounds challenge will probably like this one that creates a background for a bordered photo to make it come to life.
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I wanted to try it but I have a really old version of Photoshop (5.5), and I can't find a rectangle tool. It's in the help menu, but I don't see it on the toolbar. Does anyone use 5.5 (or remember it) and can tell me if there is a rectangle tool and where I can find it?
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You have to press down and hold your cursor on the box where the rectangular tool is, then a drop down box will come down, and you should then see your rectagular tool. I use to use 5.5 years ago, and as far as I remember it had the tool. I've forgotten a lot about 5.5 because it's been a few years since I've used it, but I do believe it had basically all of the same tools as a more updated version.
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Thanks, but the only thing I seem to have is the rectangular marquee tool, not the rectangle tool that draws vector shapes. It's not in any of the other pull-out tools either that I can see.
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I had a look at screenshots for 5.5 and can't see it either
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Thanks, icklemiss21, I'm glad I'm just not going nuts.

I finally took the plunge and ordered CS2. If I really want to learn Photoshop and do these great tutorials, I guess I better get upgraded.
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I'm sorry, I guess I was remembering 6. I started out with Photoshop 5.5, then went to 6, then 7.01, and now I have CS2. It's kind of hard to remember back to those days.

Here's my picture for the challenge.

I followed the tutorial, except that I changed the amount of radial blur I used from 40 to 20. This one is fun, and truthfully I think it's a lot easier to do than the Pop Out images we did previously.
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My try, I thought this tutorial was nice and easy to follow

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This was fun. I didn't do move my image or anything, & just used a Gaussian blur at the end.

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My try


and photo in a photo:

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I should be working, but I really wanted to try this. I can't wait to get my copy of CS2, so I can do all of the challenges at home (and not have to sneak to do it )

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Looks good, I realised after doing it that although the clipping mask was good practise, it can easily be done without it by selecting with the regular rectangular marquee tool and then pasting to a new layer, and using free transform to do the rest as per the tutorial.
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I just had to say how cool those pics look!!
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