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Freaky Test

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Take this test and don't cheat.

Take 3 minutes and try this - it will freak you out! This game has a funny/creepy outcome. Don't read ahead, just do it in order. It takes about 3 minutes.

First get a pen and paper.

When you actually choose names, make sure it's people you actually know, and go with your first instincts.

Scroll down one line at a time - don't read ahead or you'll ruin the fun!

1. First, write the numbers 1 through to 11 in a column.

2. Then, beside numbers 1 and 2, write down any two numbers you want.

3. Beside the 3 and 7, write down the names of members of the opposite sex.

4. Write anyone's name (like friends or family) in the 4th, 5th and 6th spots.

5. Write down four song titles in 8, 9, 10 and 11.

6. Make a wish

Stop! Do not scroll down until you're finished answering the questions!








And here is the key for the game...

1. You must tell (the number in space 2) people about this game.

2. The person in space 3 is the one that you love

3. The person in 7 is one you like but can't work out

4. You care most about the person you put in 4.

5. the person you name in number 5 is the one who knows you very well.

6. the person you name in 6 is your lucky star.

7. The song in 8 is the song that matches with the person in number 3.

8. The title in 9 is the song for the person in 7.

9. The tenth space is the song that tells you most about your mind.

10. And 11 is the song telling how you feel about life.
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Well, That's a new one, Lorie! My mind says, "It Doesn't Rain in Southern California." Deep, huh? Is that the right name for that song?
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Thats weird for me also, my mind says Bad Bad Leroy Brown and that my life is 'na na hey hey kiss him goodbye'
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Weird! :laughing: The song that says how I feel about hubby was "The way you do the things you do" "Don't bring me down" is what is in my mind and "Amazing Grace" is how I feel about life!!!!! Those are actually kinda true!!! :LOL:
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That was just a little too weird. I have to think about it for awhile. It was actually kind of too scary!!!
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Cool! 'River of dreams' was the song that told me most about my mind and (don't laugh) 'Pump up the Jam' is how I feel about life!
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Hmmm, well most of it is right!! the one I love was hubby, and the song that said how I feel about him was "Sweet like Chocolate"!! :laughing: About right!! The song for my mind was "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapmen.... not sure about that, love the song, but I'm that depressed!! :laughing: and apparently my attitude to life it the "Las Ketchup song"!??!?!?!?!?!?!!? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :LOL: :LOL:
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Silly test said I love our postman and 'My Old Man's a Dustman' is the one that matches number 3, or something. LOL trust me to ruin it
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BuNN, Maybe we should have a little talk. The Postman and the Dustman? Hmmmmmmm. Do you suffer from severe headaches?
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OK this is really freaky! Shawn my boyfriend was the person that I love. Adam (my roomate) is the person I like but can't figure out! It's soooo true!The person I care the most about was my Mom. Shawn song was Satellite by Dave matthews, Adam's song is "All you need is love" by the Beatles. I find it funny because I keep telling him he needs to find himself a girlfriend! Apparently, for my mind I choose Paradise City by Guns and Roses..."where the grass is green and the girls are pretty...Take me home!Yeah yeah!" How I feel about life? Born to Run by Bruce Springstein!
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This was a little too spooky...

The song for the one I love (hubby) was Hysteria by Def Leppard. His favorite band, while I don't really like them much.

The other person was my Dad. Now, I just decided today that we are definitely going up to spend Christmas Eve with my family (there's some friction between brother in law and me & hubby. He doesn't like us, and it shows. ) The song? We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

As for me...these are just funny. The song that tells me most about my mind was "Good Girl Gone Bad" by Kiss. LOL The one about my life was "Love of a Lifetime" by Firehouse. Not sure what that means.
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