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If the mother was tested a few weeks ago, and her test came back negative (and she hasn't been outside since) does that mean that her babies are negative as well?
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Was the mother in your possession for a long time or did you just get the mother shortly before you tested her? It can take a month or two, even three after the cat in infected before the test accurately comes up positive. So go off that. You might want to have her retested. To answer your original question though, it is safe to just test the mother, the kittens should 99.9% of the time have the same results as the parents.

If she does ever turn up positive though, then I would go ahead and test the babies just to be on the safe side and be sure. If they have only been around her, there is no other way they could likely get it.
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I tested her two days after I brought her inside (three weeks ago). When I brought her inside, she had been outside for at least a week, although she didn't have fleas or anything. She was very healthy.We don't have many stray cays around here (I've only ever seen 3). I'll probably test again in a few months to be sure, but the vet was pretty positive that it was a negative (I know, bad pun...not intended, lol)
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