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Welcome home, Cosmo Topper of Celestialrags!

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Here iae a few pictues of sweet Cosmo!

Nantucket kitty...
More photos to follow!
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Awww sweet little kitty
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Congratulations, on Celestialrags Cosmo Topper, he is a darling seal mitted. I will enjoy watching him grow up, just like his past brother Smudge has over the past year. Our first altered pet Ragdoll was a seal mitted, he had a blaze a little smaller than Smudge, and a white tip tail. I happen to love the white tip tail, which is indicitive of the first Ragdoll, Daddy Warbucks, it isn't accepted in show.
You are now loved by a Ragdoll, an amazing experience, but I am biased.
Bellyrubs to Cosmo, and to Kim's Smudgie.
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Congratulations, he's gorgeous
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Cosmo has the run of the house and is such a bold little boy! Mollie and he are all ready hanging out together. Sophie is still grumbling, but she is really more relaxed then I had expected her to be! A few more pictures:
Last night, Cosmo was not sure about the cat tree:

Mollie and Cosmo birdwatching this morning:
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Awe, there's my boy! It is so quiet with out him around! I miss him already! He doesn't look like he is missing us though! He looks like he has always been there, I like the picture of them bird watching, hard to believe how well they adjust and how quickly they get in your heart! As stormi says you are now owned by a Raggie!
How does he like the cat tree now? He never saw one that big before, I bet he loves it now and is all over it!
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So fluffy! And cute! Aw, maybe he'll learn the 'tricks of the trade' from his older siblings, lol.
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These cat trees are the best, IMO, we have 2 of the exact blue one that Cosmo has. We have other Armarakat brand trees as well, and we love the brand, and it is, Meowmy tested, Ragdoll approved.
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Cosmo is just gorgeous What a fluffball
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He's adorable! Give him a day or two and I imagine he'll be at the top of the cat tree in no time!
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He is precious
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Originally Posted by FamilytimeRags View Post
These cat trees are the best, IMO, we have 2 of the exact blue one that Cosmo has. We have other Armarakat brand trees as well, and we love the brand, and it is, Meowmy tested, Ragdoll approved.
We just have the cheap walmart one that is 7 feet with 3 platforms, didn't hold out with the ragdolls either, LOL! They broke it a couple weeks ago, they are just too heavy for it It is now just propped against the wall for them to scratch and play with so I didn't throw it away yet. I need a new one like Cosmo now has!
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So cute! It must be fun having a kitten roaming the house now
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I got the blue one for $65.00, that is WITH shipping. It is the smallest we have, the largest one has only cost a bit over $100 with shipping included again, and they give 6 month guarantees. I have one that is about 4 years old, and I have others that vary in age, but all have stood up to the test of time, and the weight of a Ragdoll. Of course, it has also held up our 7 year old, who thought he would try it out for himself, he was only 4 or 5 at the time, he held him, but if you get a large one, tell Celeste, it may look fun, but it isn't for her to climb too.
Our cats love the cat trees, but also the alpine scratchers, with the corrugated cardboard, and they think it is a holiday if we sprinkle some catnip for them.
These large trees, can be somewhat dangerous, in my opinion, when kittens are first learning to climb, and are still clumbsy, I turn them sideways to prevent one from falling or not judging the landing, and hurting a paw when jumping off of a landing. A few years back, we had a 12 week old jump down from about a 5 foot landing, and began limping immediately, this was the day he was to go to his new home, so I called the new owner, who lived a short distance out of town, and said, not to come just yet. We needed to take him to the vet and make sure there was no break or fracture, thankfully, the little guy just had a small sprain, the vet cleared him to go home with his new family and said he would slowly place more pressure on it everyday, I think within the next 2 days he was pouncy, bouncy, but I still feel concerned about the kittens on the larger trees, and of course, the flooring, I think makes a difference, some of our home has tile, some has carpet, I feel if the kitten would not have landed on carpet, he may have broke or fractured his foot.
We get the 2 foot scratching posts for each kitten from walmart when the kittens are about 5-6 weeks old, we line them up for play, and then the small sisal scratcher goes home with the kitten, and the Mom and littermates scent is already on the scratcher, it seems to help, I haven't had a complaint about any behavioral issues regarding inappropriate scratching.

I didn't ask, did you keep a kitten back out of this breeding of Icey and Dante'? How is the little girl you have been showing, did you keep her intact for breeding later? We have Koda's first Adult show coming up in just 3 weeks, and Serafina's first debut in kitten division. Our newest addition, a seal mitted girl is coming to us soon, Ashlan and I will finally have our show quality seal mitted girl, we have been selective, but she is beautiful and worth her wait. Her name is Sarabi, and we hope to see her in the states this week, if all goes well. She will be too young for the July show, but should debut in kitten division in August.

We just finished with the longest labor in the history of our breeding experience. She was not in any distress, so our vet let her continue at her pace, but she started labor and had first kitten at 11 AM on the 16th, and didn't finish until 3 AM on the 17th. All 4 babies were large, and healthy though, and Momma is doing well with them. I am used to a kitten coming every 30 minutes or sooner, but she was very relaxed and spent time with each kitten, cleaning and nursing before delivering the next. I just wish I could have been as calm throughout it as she was. I was so tired, as she started labor on the 15th, just small contractions, but I feel I must be present, to help with any complications that may arise, so it has been a sleepless few nights, but I have 4 times the blessing. It has been boy season here for so long, 3 boys and a girl, go figure.

Give me an email sometime.
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Congratulations on your new babies! I am sure that you will have some great pictures to share with us. Cosmo mastered the cat tree the next morning - I have some cute pictures, but my newly repaired laptop now has another problem and I can't seem to upload from photobucket anymore - will post from work tomorrow. Once he made it to the top the first time, he hasn't shown any interest in climbing to the very top again. Right now, he is sleeping in the window and even across the room I can see his little fluffy tummy going up and down...Sophie is still snarling, but in a relaxed way - and Mollie and Cosmo are on their way to being best friends!
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Oh my! He is very very cute - such blue eyes! And he's so FLUFFY! I just want to blow on his little tummy.
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