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our christmas tree

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Sorry the pic is so small. I was decorate it last night & ran out of garland! So, I had to go back out today & buy more.
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Wow! It is very pretty. I need to get on the ball and get my home decorated. I am slacking just a bit!
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Oh my. I see your kitty is right there in charge of your tree too.
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Oh Tigger...that is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Pretty! now how do you keep the cats off of it?
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THey don't climb it, just run underneath it and it kind of shakes. Scooter keeps knocking the ornaments off though! He stands up and paws at them.
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up to now , Maya & Inka have not been climbing ... let's keep fingers crossed .....
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No Christmas tree in this house - too many furry thieves and cleptomaniacs!! But I AM thinking of putting it up anyway, just to see the antics of the furbabies!
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That is a cute Christmas Tree! Is it live?
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This is ours for this year.

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Gosh you all are brave. I'd never think of having one in this house, Rocket'd be all over it breaking ornaments, tangling himself in lights, eating the candycanes, Oh I can just picture it! So no trees for us.. that's ok though, my house is decorated enough with the cats help everyday of the year!:tounge2:
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We've always had a tree up with the babies around. The first year we put it up on the coffee table, but they've really never taken too much interest in it. Except for the garland...I can only have that on the top half of the tree.

I put the tree up last night, but haven't decorated it yet. The kitties have checked it out, but so far are much more interested in hiding under the tree on their velvet tree skirt than in the tree itself.
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Ohhh... great idea!!

We just bought ours last night 7 1/2 feet (HUGE!!!)

As soon as I get it decorated, I'll post pictures!!!!

btw - I LOVE everyone's trees, it's great to see how
everyone decorates!

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Do you all have real trees?

Tigger's tree is beautiful - it's such a perfect shape. If that's a real tree you were SO lucky to get one that shape.

Mine is being delivered on Wednesday, and we'll put it up at the weekend. I have to say I'm kinda nuts about real trees but get the normand firs that don't drop their needles as much as the standard ones. There is (of course) a price to pay for that - they do cost more, but as we now have our floorboards exposed, I really don't want bucket loads of needles falling down the gaps between boards.

As we now have our siting rooms fully decorated we've been able to get quite a tall tree - I hope I've got enough decorations to cover it - I really can't afford to get any more at the moment!!!

Lut - is that Maya you're holding? She's SOOOO tiny!!
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Yola: Nope, a fake tree here, I'm allergic to pine.
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I got an fibre optic tree, we had a big one but Suki liked trying to get to the top.
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I put up three trees each year! This is the one for the office. It's not very elaborate, but I'll get a pic of my tree at home.
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Not elaborate? I got lost just looking at it

Nice twee, ours is only 2 foot tall
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I put up a tree about 2 weeks ago. I am amazed. Ed loves to dash in and out from under it and lurk behind the presents, but so far no climbing, ornament stealing, or general chaos. Then again, I'm not sure he knows the ornaments come off!

Now, if I could just get him to return the 2" tree he stole from my christmas village...
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You'll understand what I mean by elaborate when I post it!
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Oh jeez you're all so lucky! I insisted that we get a real tree even though we have Bella and Pepper who have never seen a christmas tree before. And in the two days we've had it I haven't had a moments rest! I guess I should have expected it, but so many people say their cats don't bother it. . . I was hopeful. Pepper actually climbs up into the tree (dropping millions of pine needles, ornaments, etc) and chews the lights (aren't kitties suppossed to be smarter than that?!). Then Bella runs circles around the tree trying to get to Pepper, but getting pissed that the needles hurt her face when she tries to poke her nose in! Then I've caught Pepper in the act of jumping from the couch towards the tree batting at the ornaments and garland. If he knocks anything down then Bella runs over to chew up whatever fell. So it's funny to write about it, but I'm not sure how I'll manage until Christmas.

Btw, everyone's trees are just beautiful. I hope more people post pics of theirs. I'll try to get one of mine if I can ever get the garland and ornmanents all on at one time again!
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Here's ours. I had to buy more ornaments. My old tree was only 4 ft. and this one is 6 ft.

We have cats, Dalmatians, shoes and NASCAR ornaments, as well as lots of purple decorations. Its not one of those fancy designer trees but, its ours.
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Here it is!
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all done in angels,gold ribbon
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and another
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Nenners - cool tree. Gosh - mine's going to look so insipid compared to all yours. I kinda like minimalist stuff on the tree (clear baubles, and golds/whites/silvers) which looks OK with candlelight in the room, but I bet it'll look wishy washy in a picture.

We'll see!
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Wow! Everyone's trees look so beautiful. I went out and bought our fake 4 1/2 foot tree over the weekend. Ours came with the lights already attatched to the branches, but I added another string of lights.

My kitties have taken a very strong liking to the tree. :laughing: They won't leave it alone and they like to knock all the ornaments off eventhough I didn't put any one the bottom. They have bent all the branches on the bottom from standing on them to reach the ornaments. I guess I can't blame them though, since they are only cats. Do any of your cats try to eat the fake branches? Mine do and its annoying!

I'll take a picture when I get home.
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Merry Christmas Sorry its so blurry, Cats were running all over!

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I'm wondering. Was your Christmas tree still standing when you got home? :clown:
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OK I'm going to put up our little tree tonight, purely for the furbabies entertainment, you understand! :laughing2

Please, if you don't hear from me tomorrow, send the ambulance and the men in the white coats - I'll probably be entangled in Christmas tree decorations, unable to move, blubbering to myself about furbabies posessed by the devil. :LOL: :LOL:
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