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My kittens crawl over my husband and I, tackling each other until they get worn out. Tiger, the boy, sometimes sleep between us or on my husband's head. He's a daddy's boy.
But Angel, the girl, will sleep on their bed on the floor which is made of a kitty bed and a lamb fleece blanket. Partly because we're both afraid to squish her because she's so tiny but she'll lay next to me for a bit. She's a mommy's girl.
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My kitties always sleep with me. Sibohan sleeps on the oposite pillow and duke sleeps between the comforter and blanket at the side of me.
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Mini is the only one that sleeps in bed with us-she has been doing this ever since she was big enough to climb the bed. Sometimes she has restless nights when she keeps waking us up, she will walk across the pillow & pull my hair, but usually she is a sweet little girl. She likes to curl up against my chest, I think she likes my heartbeat or something, & her soft little fore head is tucked up under my chin. If I roll over to the other side, alot of times she will move over with me & lay the same way.
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My babies like to sleep with me. Sometimes they will take a few weeks and sleep somewhere else, but Loki has been sleeping with me for the past week. He usually likes to sleep down near my legs. Possum has been sleeping elsewhere for the last week, but this morning he was sleeping with me, too. He usually likes to be up near my head or somewhere near the middle. For some reason Loki and Possum don't seem to like sharing the bed when I'm in it. I don't get it at all. It's a full size bed, and with only one person sleeping in it there's enough room for 2 cats! They also like to sleep together and cuddle, so that's not it, either!

Both are pretty good about letting me sleep the whole night through. Sometimes I wake up to kitty feet-pouncing, and once Possum was licking my face, but usually they just come up to sleep, too.

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