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Somebody sent this one to me. Usually I don't believe in these things, but this one is really interesting! It took me about a minute to see, but once you discover it, it's really good!
The sound is not very loud, so make sure that you turn up the sound on your PC and make sure that your screensize is set to maximum so that you can see the photo in its entirety.

Read the text below and click on the link.

The owners of this historical house had maintained for a while that they had heard voices and seen gostly images.

They did some research and discovered that during the American Civil War a woman had lived in this house whose husband had not returned from the battlefield. According to stories, she often sat at the table and looked through the window expecting her beloved husband to return, but he never did. She kept on waiting for many, many years.

The current owners made this photo and maintain that the woman can be seen in this picture. It is a bit scary, but once you see it, then it is pretty obvious. Just an optical illusion.

To save time, concentrate on the area around the table. It is best not to focus on one particular point. Look around the table and towards the window.

Click on the link to see the photo.

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That's an old one.........but a good one!!!

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I agree that it's a good one. The first time I saw it, that image almost made me fall right out of my chair!!!!!
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You're a baaaaaad girl!
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Very scary!!!
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Oh mate, I've seen this before so I knew what was coming but I still had to peel myself off the ceiling! Doh!
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