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I love kittens!

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I just wanted to say that it's wonderful to have kittens in the house again. I love the little happy to see you meows, I love how everything is a play toy(feet beware) I love how daring and reckless they are. I love that they are so accepting of everything and everyone. But most of all, I love how they just get so tuckered out, they fall asleep at the drop of a hat! I can't wait to share all life has to offer with my new little ones!
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I know aren't they just the best...so full of life and wonder
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Kittens are just precious! When Gizmo was a kitten, he used to climb right up the front of my shirt and fall asleep on my shoulder Of course, he still tries to do that but it isn't near a cute, but I still get my snuggles. I love their wide eyed look, as if they are just amazed at the world. Awww...now I want another one!

Enjoy them at this age...in a few months they will be in to EVERYTHING!
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My mom's cat just had kittens, and I love to go to her house just to play with them! She kept 2 and thay are so cute together!!
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I adore kittys!! But Allie is the WORST feet biter/scratcher!!
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I don't think there is anything cuter than kittens
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