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Kitten personality, when is it "set"?

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Hey folks,
I had alwasy wanted to adopt an adult cat, because you can tell their personality right off, so I adopted toby from the humane society in feburary (he's a real love bug of a cat), but I recently rescued niles and frasier, two feral kittens (see my other post in this forum) and am wondering when I'll be able to tell what personality they'll have as adults? They are about 7/8 weeks old now. One of them, frasier, is noticably more affectionate and attention seeking than the other. Niles is standoffish, especially with strangers, but will ocassionally come and want to be petted, he is more playful and active than frasier.

Will their personality continue to develope further, or is it pretty much set at this point? We'll be keeping both until they're at least 12 weeks, but may need to pick one or the other by then (at this point I'm thinking frasier, but I'm willing to reserve judgement if nile's personality might become friendlier as time goes by).

Thanks for your help!
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Cats' personalities differ in the same way as humans. Sometimes you can tell very fundamental things about what a child's personality will be like as an adult, like temper or being daydreamy, but so many things change.

Zissou's personality is still changing, and she's almost two!

So, I don't think a personality is ever set, but around the time they finish growing is the closest thing to it. Feral kittens especially change a lot, and maybe Niles had worse conditions and needs more time to chill out.
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i think it changes depending on the environment they are in. some things are set like if they are a moewer or more quite but other things change as they get older and where they are. when i first got magic she was pregnant and i was going to keep one of her kittens she was the cutest most lovable kitten . i had a friend ask if i had any left to give away so i ended up giving her to her. all my cats have been indoor cats but my friend lived in the country and let her out. she tells me now the kitten who was so lovable to everyone is now only nice to the main person in the house but is very mean to everyone else i was floored! i couldn't imagine it. as a kitten she loved all my kids , nieces, and nephews. so i guess you can never tell
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Unless they've had trama or abuse or something other then nice experiences, IMO most kittens personalities are set by the first 6 months of their life.

My one Russian Blue male I kept from a litter was named Cassanova. He got the name in the first few days of life - he was a love bug, snuggler and really fit his name perfectly - and kept the personality thru his life.

Another rex kitten (red tabby/white) was named Tom E Hawk and he was very outgoing/friendly to all from the time he was 1-2 months old.

Ling as a kitten didn't like being picked up and cuddled unless it was on her terms but she would sit at your feet at age 5 weeks and scream at you till she got attention

So its pretty much at an early age their personality comes out and stays that way.
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Thanks for the info and experience!
I'm thinking that frasier will definately end up being more outgoing than niles, I just hope niles will come out of his shell more. I'll just have to wait and see. I'm hoping to keep both kittens, but if I had to choose one for myself I'd go with frasier, but, due to niles being so reserved around people, I may have to keep him (because he'd have a hard time adjusting to a new home I think). Well, I'll hope for the best.
Thanks again!
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