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need advice!

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i took in a cat and her new litter of kittens until they are old enough to go to good homes. well since then i have found out the mom is pregnant again it must have happen before i got her (she was locked up with a male for awhile). i also noticed her and one of the kittens scratching there ears i looked into all the kittens and didn't notice anything but mom's look dirty i thing she might have mits how old do the kittens have to be before i can treat them?
i am out of work and i am not sure if i can afford a vet visit right now to be honest i didn't expect this to turn into as big a thing as it has. at first it was just care for them and find them good homes now i find she is pregnant with another litter witch is going to be so hard on her. i just wish the previous owners didn't let her out this would have been avoided! any help would be great thanks
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if it is ear mites then they will need to be treated , im not sure on what age the kittens can be treated , but you can ring and ask a vet which will only cost a phone call.
some vets will see them and sort out a payment plan if it works out to much.
thank you for taking her and her kittens in, how old are the kittens? if there 6 weeks or more she can be spayed now so that she wont have to have a litter right on top of this one. but that is your choice.
good luck , and do keep us posted.
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thank you for replying the kittens are just 3 weeks old. i have had her about a week and she is looking fatter by the day. i also have a older cat who i have had for about 10 years i hope she doesn't get the ear mits from momma cat. i do have them separated so hopefully it will be ok. i seem to have a soft spot for momma cats in trouble i actually got my older cat under the same circumstances she was pregnant when i took her in and she was originally a stray now 10 years later she is slower but much loved.
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I would contact your local humane society. Let them know your situation, and that you found a stray that had kittens. Tell them that you think they have ear mites, but that you can't afford to take them to the vet because you are out of work at the moment. If you tell them that you are willing to foster them until homes are found, they might be able to help you out with vet bills.
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also if the kittens are only 3 weeks , then it might be to early for her to be showing pregnancy weight? and by the time the kittens are about 5 weeks , if they do start weening then it might be better for mum to have a spay/abort because of the situation.
good luck.
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