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My first kitty just passed away about a month ago now. One of her kidneys failed in December and she kept on keepin on till May at age 17.5! She was my x-mas gift from Santa when I was 4, and slept with me every night!
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My beautiful little Velvet is our oldest cat She's 11yrs old
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Chynna is 15 1/2 and Abby just turned 9.
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The oldest cat I've ever known is my ex-teacher's Bonnie, who is 25 this summer.

Tom is about ten--he could be older, though. His physical abilities aren't what they were 2 years ago when we brought him home, but he's still got at least two good years in him, I would bet more. I sure hope so.
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My Blackie lived to be 14 1/2. Sash is now 14, he looks and acts just like a kid though.
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My oldest cat was Fluffy. She lived to be 21. When she was 12 he had her fangs removed due to disease, and that's when they discovered she had cardiomyopathy. I figured that was what she would "pass on" from but it never progressed it anything fatal. It did get worse as she got older, but it was a fast growing tumor in her mouth that lead us to put her to sleep.

I'm very thankful for the many years we had her. I got her when she was 2 and had her ever since. When she was put to sleep, it eased my mind that she had so many wonderful years and a happy life!
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Originally Posted by Yorda View Post
The oldest cat I have had was 20, but I adopted her when she already 18 years old so I don't know if that counts.

Anything counts as long as they were yours. It doesnt matter if they are cats you used to have, or ones you have now as well
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My Princess was 17 when she passed away. She had lived a good life.
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My RB girl Shasta was 21 when she went to the Bridge. She came into my life when she was 7 weeks old and really was the cat who taught me about cats. Nibs was 15+, Gryphon was 13+.
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Our oldest cat was Friskie. My grandparents found her on the side of the road when she was about 8 weeks old. They stopped and asked the farmer about her and brought her home...so we're sure of her age. She was 23 1/2 when she finally passed! We also had a Siamese male named Toby that lived to be 20! People always asked us what we fed them!
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The oldest kitties I've ever had/have now are Fafeena who's outside & she's 14. Inside kitties Damita's my oldest at 7 years.
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My oldest cat Iv ever had is 12 years old right now. But she lives with my ex now.
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just lost my fiesty girl Mickie March 12, she would have been 20 on June first


took in a very sick cat who was 13 (and blind, deaf, diabetic, in CRF and had serious dental and eye problems) BUT he had a good year, and passed away at age 14

my first cat had been a stray but the vet said she was under two when i took her in
she had diabetes and CRF too, and the poor girl only made it to about 9yrs old

now i have a very healthy almost 9 yr old and healthy boy around 4 (he had been abandoned on the beach)

i am hoping that the two i have now will live a good long time, to 20 at least!!

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My family used to have a cat that lived to be around 22 years old. Her name was Tooty. When we moved into our home around 1996, the old man next door had about 10 outside cats. Tooty & her sister Granny Morris were the oldest. Granny M passed away soon after we moved in, but Tooty kept on living until late 2005 or so. She had lost some of her teeth, & her hearing, but got around fine. She actually became a lap cat for the first time in her life. She had always been stand-offish, & she was the matriarch of all the cats for many years. She was an unforgettable cat, even went after my aunts dog, who was over 100 pounds at the time. The poor pup never saw it coming, he was in a household with cats who were his buddies, & when he came to our place, he was attacked by Tooty...who had just delivered kittens a few weeks before.

I miss her, & all the other cats I've ever had...there's about 50 of them somewhere up there, purring their little hearts out & I'm sure Tooty is still the main cat!
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Wonderful thread! It's nice to see how long some cats have lived. Tai (a male himalayan) lived to be 19 years old. He was an indoor cat and lived a very happy life.
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Originally Posted by Arielrain View Post
Wonderful thread! It's nice to see how long some cats have lived. Tai (a male himalayan) lived to be 19 years old. He was an indoor cat and lived a very happy life.

Thanks i was just curious as i was reminiscing about all the babies we've had in the past.

Btw, the worlds oldest cat lived to be....well gees, i wish the websites would make up their mind. So far it seems to be 37!!
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That is just amazing! I didn't realize they could live that long. Fascinating!
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My chidhood Siamese died quietly in his sleep at the ripe old age of 23. Our last cat, Straycat, was roughly 14; he was an approximately 8-year-old feral when we took him in, and he lived with us for six years. I went down to feed him one morning, and found him curled up dead on his towel in the washer, which was his favorite place to sleep.

Jamie is eight now; we've had him since he was 10 weeks old.
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My Kirsty died at 15 three years ago after a stressful move from Ontario to Georgia :-(; (she stopped eating and even with force feeding developed hepatic lipidosis). Tristan is now 14 and going strong. Growing up - Tinker lived to 13 and died from diabetes, Missy lived to 17and died from cancer, Corky lived to 14 and died from kidney disease. My parents had a brother and sister - Oscar and Chloe - who passed away a few years ago - Chloe at 19 and Oscar at 20, and my Dad lost his cat Andy to kidney disease at 21 just a few months ago. My brother's cats Squeaky lived to 21 and Roscoe lived to 19. The eldest cat I know was an ancient siamese who was blind and deaf who I cat sat when her owners were away. She died at 23.
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My oldest cat right now is 12 (and in perfect health). As an adult living on my own I've only lost once cat and it was this year. He was a Persian named Simba and he was 10 years old (died from heart failure). As a child growing up my oldest cat lived to be 14 and he was an outdoor only kitty (he died from a stroke).
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My Misty is 14 years old, I adopted her at about 8 weeks old so she is my baby. She is my very first cat and my only one. I have been very lucky with her, no major medical problems (thank God) and no social problems either. She always uses her litter box. There isn't really a thing I would change about her except for her to be a kitten again so she can live another life..well don't they have 9 lives Another thing I wish she had done was to accept another kitty in the family but that didn't work out.
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The oldest I've had is, admitedly, only 8 years of age. Well, 3 months short of 8 years. Back then, we allowed our furkitties to be indoor-outdoor cats, and Grizzly was the victim of a cat trap (but didn't show up at the shelter or animal control). After Grizzly, we got Willow, who was our first indoor-only cat, and the two girls following her were indoor cats as well. Currently Willow is 6 years old, so we're getting close to her being our oldest cat ever (which is so sad and pathetic, 8 years is NOT old!)
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
My chidhood Siamese died quietly in his sleep at the ripe old age of 23.
I always figured my kitty would die peacefully like that. When she reached 15-16 her hearing started to go, so when I walked in the room, she wouldn't always look up or wake up. After about the age 17, her hearing was all lost. I would walk in the room and stare at her belly, to see if she was breathing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think she'd live as long as she would. I do wish she passed in her sleep, I never wanted to go through the ordeal of "putting down", but that's not what was meant to be.
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Our oldest was Sphinx. He was a rescue from a kill shelter (We brought him home the same day as Kuce) and he was at least 15 years old then. He passed away just past being about 18 years (give or take) from Lymphoma.

Our current elder is Kuce - who is now about 14 years (give or take).

Our next elder is Luvbug is is going on about 7 years old (give or take). He was a stray and we don't really know, so it's a guess.

Our youngest to date is Lil' Jag. She'll be 3 years in August.
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My parents' kitty, PJ, is a very youthful 19 years old (it's easy to remember, because I'm ten years older than she is). She's very small and skinny; she's had a heart murmur for the past ten years and has had thyroid problems, but aside from some partial deafness (which my parents are convinced is actually just a case of her deliberately ignoring them ) she's in excellent health. Most people don't believe she's as old as she is -- she doesn't look it or act it (although she seems very frail to me, especially compared to my two giant, robust kitties!).
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My oldest one was Tiger, she was turned 15 before she got out and ran away, September 11th.. the actually day it happened. Then Mouse died this last January,and she was 12, and her 13th bday would have been last saturday
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Ox is 18 yrs 3 months. You know when you read about the people who live to be in their late 90's or older and they smoke and drink. Well Ox probably eats things a cat shouldn't have-like the chicken bones from yesterday's BBQ chicken!! He like potato chip, fritos etc.... The vet thought he was only 8 instead of 18-I catch him one the kitchen counter-he still like to sleep outside.
Grizzly is 10 this year.
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I had two cats who both lived to be 19 years-old. They were brother and sister and died within 2 months of each other. They were complete outdoor cats and my grandma didn't allow us to take them to the vet's but they never had any health problems.
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mickey is roughly 17 or 18 at least

Cammie is 11

Dunkin is close to 4

Miniman is close to 4

Sissy is close to 4

Ziggy, Zazzy and Zinger are close to 3
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My cats Midnight and JC were almost 20 years old when they went over the rainbow brige 2 years ago (Midnight went in May, and her twin brother and life long companion, JC joined her 2 months later.).

That is ALONG time considering that they were outdoor cats living in coyote territory. I think they were the oldest cats in the neighborhood. I am amazed they lived that long.
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