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Elderly kitties - Did you have one?

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I just wondered what was the oldest cat you've had or have atm, just to get an idea of life spans. Our oldest was 17, but she did have melonoma, so she may have lived longer had she not gotten sick.
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The oldest kitty I've ever had was Bootsie. We got him when I was 6 months old and he lived to be 22 1/2 years old. We had him PTS because he had a stroke and couldn't make it to the litter box unassisted, or even stand or walk anymore. My soul-mate kitty, Spooky, went to the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 17. My sister's Tuxedo kitty, Billy, went to the Bridge at the age of 18, and my parent's cat, Samson, went to the Bridge last Christmas Eve at the ripe old age of 19 1/2. I guess we've been lucky...our kitties have stayed with us for a good long time! With the exception of Bootsie, all of our kitties have been indoor only cats that have gotten yearly (at least) veterinary care (Billy, Spooky and Samson all were being treated for CRF at the end, so they were under nearly constant veterinary care.)

Now we have relatively young cats in our homes. My sister has Missy (9 years old) and I have Cleo (7 years old), Maggie (6 years old), and Lola (4 years old.) Cleo and Maggie are both CRF, so we visit the vet regularly.
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Ours are still healthy with the oldest being 12, we haven't had any that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge yet
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Katie is my first cat and my oldest at 14. She's healthy, active and quite mischievous.
My others are Gracie, 8, and littermates Peter and Claire who will be 3 in July.
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Our oldest was Io and she passed quietly at age 13. Her mom, Astrid, made it to age 12.

My sister's cat, Packy, is over 10 and she is quite an active outdoor kitty. (With major attitude! )
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my guys are my first cats of my own. raven and nabu just turned 10 on may 1st.
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two seniors here, Dino and Pepsi both over 13 yrs

Pepsi is still like a kitten, she regularly catches things, bunnies & bugs as DH calls them. She loves a throw about with her crinkle toys and totally loves cat-nip parties

Dino is a bit more laid back, but thats his character, he does catch things but they are usually dead leaves or an old crisp packet he also loves his cat-nip parties too

Both got good results in their annual check up
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My wonderful cat, SuLing was 17 when she passed away, but she had developed diabetes only 2 months prior to her passing and we could not get sugar regulated, or she probably would have lived to be 20 or older.

We now have Lady, who was 12 on her last birthday in May and the two wonderful kittens, Douglas and Deacon who are brothers and will be 1 year old in August.


P.S. Lady was adopted at 8 weeks old when SuLing was 7, and before the two kittens came was the only other cat Lady had ever been around. She grieved badly for over a year for her sister.
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The 3 oldest cats I've had were 13 (first one), Spooky who died at 15 1/2 yrs old and Tax (will be 18 this July).
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My dear little Fred was 18 when he went to the Bridge.
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My Cajun is 12 this year, and Smudge is 10. They all get younger from there, the youngest being 2-ish. Not sure how old Bob is since he was a stray, but guessing anywhere from 6-10.
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Frannie and Crystal are both turning 14 this year, not sure which month Frannie's b'day is though. Crystals b'day is July 14.

Winnie and Stormy are both 11 years old.

Our oldest cat lived to be 21 years old.
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The oldest cat I have had was 15.

The oldest cat I have seen/met was 25. Now that's old!
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The oldest cat I have had was 20, but I adopted her when she already 18 years old so I don't know if that counts.
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I only adopt oldies (have adopted one youngster), the eldest has got to 15, the current two are 14 and 13. The oldest I have met in the flesh is 21, but know of 25year olds on forums.
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I lost my cat Flip in March from kidney failure and at that time he was 14. I still have his litter mate Sassy who turned 15 the middle of may. He is in good health and pretty playful for his age. Linus is just a little over a year but can't be certain. I mark his birthday as the day I brought him home from the shelter which was March 21st. He is a active little guy and keeps Sassy on his toes.
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Spike, my childhood kitty, lived to be 16.

And Tucson, who was 8 when we adopted him, lived to be 15. I miss him alot even though it's only been a year and a half.

There was a cat on our street that was 23 when she died. She was so sweet.
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Currently, my oldest is 13, oldest I have had though was my Siamese, she was 19 when she passed away.
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Nikko lived to 19.5yr s... He passed from CRF ( I was only 8)

Kandie lived to nearly 19 ( 5 weeks from) ... As much as I tried she too was lost to CRF
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Pixel is almost 10 [september] but my 1st cat, Medley, died at age 15. she was sick, tho, wasn't old age.
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Connor & Princess are 10 years old this year. We never had cats make it pass 6 before let alone 10.
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My dear, sweet, best friend Ming (grey tabby/Siamese mix, was a stray) lived to be a little past 17. I lost her 4 years ago July 15th, and miss her every day. She was the smartest cat I ever knew, and the most affectionate. She once, at age 16, left home for 6 weeks; we thought she was dead, but showed up one night! She was an amazing kitty.

The oldest cat we have now is Hobbes; a neighbor's neglected cat. The other neighbors estimated his age to be about 11 or 12 over 2 years ago, so Hobbes must be about 14. And to think, up until we got him, he had already spent half his life outdoors, thrown out by the abusive jackass of a husband of that neighbor. And, despite that, and also being de-clawed, he survived somehow. It's amazing that Hobbes loves and trusts people as much as he does; he's such a sweetheart.

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I don't have a older kitty, because I only have my 2 and Miagi is around 4-5 years now and Tiger is like 5 but this girl Hailee is like 15 at the shelter where I volunteer she is so sweet.
I would adopt her if I could but no more cats for me, I am happy with my two.

she's been at the shelter for a year tomorrow.

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My childhood kitty Flash lived to be fourteen, and she was indoor/outdoor.
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Tiger was just over 20 when she passed. I had had her since I was 4. She was all I knew. She was an indoor/outdoor cat who had lived everywhere from Texas, to the hills in TN, to the city. She ran away once after we moved and was gone for 6 weeks. We think she was trying to find her way back home, but she came back to us unexpectedly. She was the oldest that our vet had seen, and the vet called regularly to check on her. I had moved out of state when she passed, and my mom didn't tell me for 2 months. She knew I would be upset. The last time I was in town and saw her, I said my goodbyes. I figured it would be the last time then.

OH!! About 2 months after she passed, I had a dream that she was at the back door. I ran to her, and she told me somehow, that she was OK, and she was back, but she could not be my kitty anymore, she had to go to someone else. I woke up crying. Makes me cry now just to think about that dream. At least that makes me believe she is OK.
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Right now my oldest cat is Shane. He'll be 10 in October. However, my precious Snoopy lived to be 20. He passed on the Rainbow Bridge in February of 2005. I wish he was still here with me, because he was my soul kitty. I loved him more than anything in life.
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Gemini is 15 and is still jumping to the top of refrigerators and acting like a young girl. We think she is going to live forever
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The oldest cat we had was our sweet girl Maggie.
She was just 2 days shy of her 19th Birthday when she died.
She was 5 weeks old when we got her.
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Growing up, we had 2 cats that lived until 12 and 13.

But my kitty right now has them beat. Mistoflees is 15 years old this month.
He gets a clean bill of health from the vet every year
When Sneaky Pie bugs him, he lets her know he's annoyed

We got him when we moved into the house. He's lived through a med deployment when it was just the 2 of us, and then 2 kids. And he's put up with Sneaky Pie for the last 6 years, and she is a pest. She'll "hide" and then jump on him (annoying the heck out of him too).

And he was always so good around them, never bit or scratched them when the girls were little. I always remember him jumping over the baby gates when he'd had enough of the kids I don't think he'd be able to do it now.

It's going to be so hard when we have to say good-bye to this cat. Hopefully it's not going to be for a couple of years.
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Turvy Demeter left us for the bridge in April of this year. She would have been 17 this month.
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