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Wish me luck.. I'm cat-sitting

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Today my friend is bringing over her two kitties for us to kitty-sit. They're going to get 1 room in the basement (the "dog-room"--I promise it's nice and cool, and they'll get plenty of sun w/ the big double doors) and will be allowed on the screened in porch.. we don't intend for her kitties to ever meet our kitties for the three weeksish they'll be here.

I'm very, very apprehensive about this. I've never brought other peoples' cats into my home before, and while Tom was just terrified of the kittens (he didn't know they were cats!) I don't know how they will react, as they are grown up now and far less tolerant and easy-going than him. Emma has viciously chased the neighbors' barn cats off our porch before, and Chili has given them an earful.

Mine are going to smell the other kitties on me and vice versa, no matter how well I wash up. Her kitties (Tizbury and Winslow) are going to smell mine in the room we're keeping them in, as Emm and Chili have been in there before. *sigh* Tiz is also just over a UTI, and when he was developing it, he peed on my sleeping bag.. twice. (I was in it at the time. Another story for another day. )

I've also got big cleanup to do in there, because I wasn't informed that we were taking them until yesterday, and we had a day out, which I was exhausted from, so instead of cleaning, I slept. The story on us agreeing to take the cats is very long.. but for a short recap: we were going to, then she got someone else to, they backed out a few days ago, and now it's us again.

*another sigh*

Do you guys have any suggestions for us? The room's going to be cleaned bare of basically everything, and I'm going to tape a tarp down to a corner of the floor, and maybe put down a rug or two for them. It's about 20x8ft, painted concrete + finished walls and two glass doors leading outside. There is a small bathroom attached, which I'm not sure if we'll use or not--it depends upon whether they have enough space, but the shower there would be a good place for their litter boxes. It's open, and six inches above the ground, made with very durable, cleanable material.

I plan on leaving their kitty-crates in there for them, and also some boxes/etc they can climb and play on. There's a large table and some shelving in there, as well as one chair, and I think I might be able to swing moving a cushioned chair in there also. Their mom is bringing some worn clothing of hers we can leave in the room, as well as all their stuff and toys.

I'm just of out of ideas... and apprehensive. I don't want any peeing fiascoes, not after the sleeping bag incident. He was pretty sick when he did it, and my sleeping bag probably reeked of my cats.. but you never know.

For any of you that foster, any suggestions? Would it be worth buying a very small amount of feliway? Anything? *bites nails*
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Ok try this since they will never meet face to face.

Sprinkle cornstarch baby powder on your cats and the guest cats. That way no matter who you pick up, the powder will smell the same

The vanilla trick on nose/butt is good if meeting in person, but the powder should work better.

You might have to re-powder them every few days if it seems to wear off and your cats are reacting

Good luck.
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So.. things did not go as well as planned. But it could have been worse. (Sorry I sound like a whiny little baby.. but that's really what I'm feeling like right now. *grabs stuffed animal and hugs it*)

Lia couldn't let Tiz out to go to the bathroom on the way here.. and he had an accident. He peed all over himself in the crate, all over the crate, and got some on Winslow. We accidentally let him out on the screened-in porch, and he got a little pee on the boards, so I'm going to scrub it down with Nature's Miracle when we finally get some. Supposedly Tiz got a bath, but I fell asleep due to exhaustion, and someone put him and Winslow back in their crate without washing it. And Winslow, a semi-longhair, didn't get washed, either.

So.. I went down to their room (which was cleaned and cat-proofed in 2 hours--that and being sick all night sure contributed to the exhaustion.).. and I can smell them as soon as I walk in the room. I was petting Tiz, just on his head and back, and my hands still came away reeking of pee, as did my sweater.

I can't stand this--AT ALL. *twitch* They are both going to need a good bath that will get them CLEAN. If I can smell them when I walk into the room, that is way too much.

For cleaning them... I have kitty oatmeal and honey shampoo. Will it get rid of the smell? Thoroughly washing several times with soap got the smell off of my hands.

For their crate... Nature's Miracle and a thorough hosedown?

I'm just going to be asking lots of questions in this thread, aren't I. *sigh*
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Yep the shampoo is fine - any good shampoo is fine for getting urine/smell off

And yes, I'd use the NM on the crates and wash any bedding before putting it back in.

Don't forget the powder trick
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Thank you so much for the suggestions!!!! The baby-powder trick is doing it very well. I don't like the smell all that much, but it doesn't bug them. Bathtime went surprisingly well. Tiz was MUCH better-mannered than my kitties, and dried quickly and well. Winslow, who's never had a bath, was GREAT. Poor guy was very scared, but held sill the entire time and sat on my lap for comfort afterwards, letting me groom him and fluff his coat out. He actually wouldn't get off my lap.

The NM worked wonders on the crate and screened-in porch, no smell at all. Yay!

They are both doing very well, and while I'm sure they're not happy being confined to one room outside of their own home, they are getting very comfortable and used to it. Winslow is even rubbing up against me and letting me pet him. (I love him rubbing against my feet.. non of mine have ever done that. )

Just to let you know.. Tiz 'n Winslow are NOT meeting my kitties at all. Ever. I've had too many problems with them and the barn cats, so that is not happening.

Thanks for replying, GoldenKitty.
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