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Weird dreams

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How many of you write down your weird dreams/nightmares? I do and I have some pretty odd ones here I could share.... mainly I was curious and wanted to know if anyone else did this!
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I used to do it, i should again. I have one of those huuge dream dictionaries i can put notes in the back and find out what they mean. I have some dreams that come true in the future (re my strange dejavu post) iinteresting
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I type mine into a word doc if I can remember them.

I always have strange dreams. Though recently, I haven't been remembering them so much. Usually, I think they make no sense at all, but when I look things up in dream dictionaries (I use the online versions, I don't have an actual book), they make perfect sense! Things always relate to what's going on in my life.

I've also had many dreams that happened later...nothing too serious, just little things, but still freaked me out!
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I can't remember most of my dreams, but the little I can is usually when I have bad nightmares or violent ones. I don't have then unless I am super stressed and upset though thankfully.
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last night i had a dream that i was scooping the litter box and there was a little touch of pink pee in Munchie's pee corner!! (he had a bout of struvite crystals a few months back) weird, huh?

never had a litterbox dream before : ...
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Usually I don't remember to, unless something really stands out about the dream.

I had one around 6 am this morning that was disturbing enough to wake me up. I won't share all of it since I can't really make heads or tails of it yet but the one part, someone threatening Tomas, was very upsetting.
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Usually when I have vibrant dreams it is in the middle of the night, and after I go back to sleep, I can't remember enough to write down. Usually just remember that I had something disturbing wake me up.

Sometimes I have dreams about work... or a new job or something.... actually I am glad I haven't had one about working in the hospital though....
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I always have interesting dreams. I've never written any down though. I'm not one for waking up too quick so sometimes things slip away before I think to even do things like write it down.
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If I have a bad dream I usually remember them but other then that not.
However, I did have a very interesting night of lucid dreams a few weeks ago when I had a head cold. I tried some of the new Dimetap Night cold capsules and what ever is in them sure made for some interesting dreams. Not sure whether it was a fever or the meds, but whatever it was it is something I don't want to try again, it was very disturbing.
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