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Another Pee Question

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How do you all get cat pee out of clothing, towels or cotton rugs? I can wash them regularly but does that actually do away with the smell? I don't have the best sniffer and worry that other people may smell something. Up to now, I've always just thrown things away because I could never be sure.

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You can try soaking them in nature's miracle and then washing them. That stuff works for everything... I've even used it in my carpet cleaner.
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I use Febreeze for the wash and it works wonderfully. Also, a cup of WHITE vinegar in the wash cycle works, too.
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Thank you! Do you dilute the Nature's Miracle to soak? Is the Febreeze and vinegar color safe?
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There is another thread on this in health? maybe and it talks about a homemade solution with dishsoap, baking soda, and I forget what else.
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I did it with the Nature's Miracle laundry detergent. I used a plastic tub (like a dish tub) and poured some in, then some water, and just left the clothes in it for a while... I don't think I measured it out exactly for this... just kind of eyeballed it... but there's probably directions on the package.

If you can't find the laundry detergent, I use the Nature's Miracle For Cats in my carpet cleaner. That gets diluted as well - usually I just pour some into the water container along with the water... don't really measure... maybe a half a cup or so? Either way you could use this one the same way I used the laundry detergent.

Come to think of it, I'm sure you could just use the NM laundry detergent as regular detergent... (which I'm sure is what it was made for ) but I soaked the clothes for a while before I washed them just to make sure it had plenty of time to work.

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