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Another dog...lord, help me!

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I had to stop at the vets today to pick up medicine for Monster. They have 4 cats that live there and just roam the offices, and a 3 legged dog that has become their mascot (the receptionist adopted it and brings it to work with her). Well, today they had a gorgeous dog running loose in the receptionist's office. Big dog, long fur, blond with the sweetest eyes I've ever seen! They've been calling her Brooke but they don't know what her real name is. She apparently was dumped off at the vets office (don't know the full story yet), but they figure she is between 2-4 years old. She is already spayed and they will give her rabies shots for free. I just feel in love with her. They said they were just looking for a good home for her, and she just looked into my eyes..... Yeah, I'm hooked!

She is supposed to have some malamute in her, but they aren't sure. I asked if she was part husky. She is just so beautiful!!

What captured my heart was the receptionist was on the computer, and she just came up and layed her head in her lap. Such a good girl! She did put her front paws up on the counter when I was talking to her, but she got right down when the receptionist told her too.

Needless to say, we are picking her up tomorrow. I just hope Snickers and Buttercup with get along with her. I asked if she was ok with cats, and she looked around at the 2 cats laying on the counters, and 1 just wandering around being the greeter and said "no problems so far!"

I'll post pictures as soon as I get some...probably Sunday.

I'm just so excited!!!
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
she just looked into my eyes..... Yeah, I'm hooked!
We're all such suckers, aren't we?

Congrats on the new baby! I'll be anxiously awaiting pics.... she sounds like such a cutie!
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I can't wait to see pictures!

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Congratulations! She sounds gorgeous!
Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!
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AWWWW congrats she sounds soooo cute, cannot wait to see Pics
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Congratulations on adopting this dog, they do have a way of finding a way to a persons heart.

I truely believe that animals know if you are a animal person or not.

And I have always believed that people who do not have animals understand how much animal people love their pets.
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Thanks guys! Would you believe I'm cleaning the house for her?? I don't clean this well for human company!! DH stopped at Wal-Mart last night and picked up a new collar, leash, toys, and is going to the pet store today to get another crate. And, we're going to have to set up a fence in the yard. We were waiting until the grass came up to do that since our other 2 normally stick around the house except for the occassional times they spot a rabbit, or barn cat and take off in the woods (neither one would hurt them...probably just want to play. But, we don't know if she will take off or not so better safe than sorry.

I'm just worried about the other 2 dogs. I know Snickers won't have a problem with her at first...she LOVES other dogs. Buttercup will be ok for a while, but even though she's a pug she thinks she is a german shepard or something, and she rules the roost and is very territorial. TIme will tell I guess.
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