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Diva Is Having Her Kittens!!

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She had the first one two hours ago. I'm not quite sure if its a black and white or a calico yet. The second one's a torti, and the thirds a black and white.They are VERY tiny, but noisy and active little things. I'm not sure if there's any more in there as she just had the last one about 20-30 minutes ago. She's nursing the babies now. Does that mean that she's done giving birth, or should there still be another one in there.
This was such a surprise. The vet told us she wasn't due for another two weeks! I'm going to have to find a box tomorrow to put them in since she had them on the carpet behind the bed.
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Congratulations! I'm curious, what kinds of signs did she exibit before going into labor? I know every cat is different.
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She walked around crying all day, but we never thought anything of it. She also kept trying to get into my closet to nest, but I kept kicking her out (she's always trying to get into my closet). The one minute, she just laid down, started having contractions, and had a baby 10 minutes later. It was really weird.
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Congratulations!!! Keep us updated!
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She could hasve another, or she may be done - sometimes they rest awhile in between. If you suspect they may be preemies I would call your vet for advice.
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If this was not a planned pregnancy its hard to estimate when they have them

And yes, they can nurse for awhile and still deliver kittens. Sometimes its 2-3 hrs in between for those last kittens
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This morning when I woke up, there was still only three. Diva seems so happy to have those babies out of her. She's extremely paranoid though and keeps running to check on them every 2 minutes. Is it normal for them to be so loud?? One of them (the first one born) is ALWAYS screaming, the second one is very quiet, but still moving, and the third is moving, but only making a little noise every now and then.
I'm so glad there are only three. We might be keeping one of them, which means that I only need to look for homes for two of them. That's such a relief. I was hoping it would be a small litter. (I'm assuming there was probably more, but they got absorbed earlier in the pregnancy because she was so undernourished).
I know absolutely nothing about raising kittens though, so I'm hoping she does a good job. I have some KMR on hand just in case I need it though, and I'm going to go pick up a cardboard box and move them out from behind the bed later on today. The floors a little cold and I don't like them laying on it.
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Try to get her and kittens in a nice large box with a thick towel - put the towel in a pillowcase so the baby kits won't get their nails caught.

Usually a crying kitten means they are hungry - but sure this kitten is nursing properly.
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I just picked them up and put a large blanket under them to get them off the floor until I can get a box for them. Each one of them have nice, round bellies and are still nursing. I'm assuming thats a good thing? They look like they've gotten bigger overnight, but I'm sure thats just my imagination.
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Congratulations! If you have a food scale that weighs in grams it's a good idea to weigh the kittens everyday at the same time. This will help you know if they are getting enough food. They should gain 7-10 grams a day. If there is no weight gain or a loss of weight then you know you will need to supplement.
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Congrats on your new little family. I think it a good idea to get mum & babies checked by your vet to make sure everything is OK.
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Glad all went ok. Congrats on the babies
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First off, here is the proud mommy(this was taken last week when she was still pregnant. Look how tiny her belly is!)

Here's the whole bunch

Here is #1. This one is the screamer. Its my favorite one, but the hubby wants to keep number three. Its going to be his cat, so its his decision(I just hope he changes his mind, lol)

#2. This is the only one I know the sex of. A torti just like mommy! She's the quiet one.

And finally, #3. This is the hubby's favorite. This one makes a little noise, but iisn't a screamer like #1.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I'm going to get day by day pictures and make up my own thread so that everyone can see their growth. Hoes does that sound?
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They are so cute. Glad all went well. I showed my kids the pictures and they loved looking at them. They are now trying to guess how many kittens Ginger will have by trying to compare the picture of Diva to Ginger. LOL
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Oh wow - looks like two black/whites and a tortie. Notice how in the one photo you can barely see a spot or two of the red, but the other picture its starting to come in more. As she grows, she will get more red thru her coat
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They are all so cute!!!
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Well, we just moved the kittens from behind the bed to the living room. There in a small, open toped box with a towel draped over it. Diva was NOT impressed and it took about an hour of her moving them around before she realized that the only place she could put them was in the box, lol. (We closed all the doors and everything) She's settled down now, so thats good. I just hope she doesn't get it in her mind to move them around tonight.
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