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I don't know what's going on with Ginger today (well besides the fact that she's pregnant, uncomfortable and probably close to her due date.) Since we brought her home she's had a pretty set pattern of being loving one day and grumpy the next. Yesterday was her loving day so today should have been a grumpy day.

We have five small children and lots of hiding places so we have claimed the Master bedroom and bath as her own. We keep the door shut so the kids don't disturb her and so she doesn't find one of our many hiding places and I go in often to check on her, talk to her and love on her. She's usually sleeping when I come in, but today as soon as I opened the door she would meow for me and as soon as she saw me she came to me to be loved on.

She also hasn't actually slept much today. She keeps moving from one place to another trying to get comfortable. She doesn't really appear to be looking for a nesting place but rather just a place to get comfortable. The babies are still moving but at this point they seem to be out of space. I can feel body parts pressed up against her tummy from time to time.

I really don't think it's time yet, just an uncomfortable kitty wanting a shoulder to cry on so to speak.

Well that's really about it, just rambling.