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Disposable Pets (vent)

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I'm so ****** off right now that I don't know what to do. This situation goes back several years ago, when I shared an apartment with another girl, Amy. She's one of those spoiled types who gets everything from daddy, and he actually payed me to be her roommate and keep an eye on her.

Well Amy decided she wanted a dog, and got an adorable little puppy. Of course after she got the attention from all her friends over the puppy it became clear that that's all she wanted him for. So when the friends were gone the dog was treated horribly. She would leave him out on the balcony at night in the freezing cold and I couldn't stand it so I started taking care of the puppy. Naturally the puppy was terrified of her, so when the friends came over he didn't play his role of affectionate puppy with her, and that made her mad at me.

It was unfair for the puppy to live with us under those conditions because when I'd try to take it out for a walk, or feed it, she would get so mad! Well I found out that our apartment complex didn't allow dogs, so I anonymously reported us, and we got notice to get rid of the dog or move out. She refused to let someone take the puppy for free because she wanted her $800 back. When we got the second notice she agreed to let the pup go to a friend. I moved out shortly after.

Anyway, I lost touch with her but we have a couple friends in common still. One of them told me that a few years after we lived together she got a husky puppy. Naturally the selection was based on looks and puppy cuteness and not for actual love of the dog. But my friend assured me that she had matured and that in her new house the dog would be well cared for. I insisted that he talk her out of getting the dog, but when she wants something she gets it. She's had the dog for 3 years now, and I hear he's a really good dog. That made me happy.

Well two months ago my friend told me that Amy is moving to Miami now. No big news to me, until a few days ago he tells me she's getting rid of the dog because he won't be able to handle the heat! I know people who have huskies in Florida, and with proper care and a big air conditioned house like she's getting (6 bedrooms), he'll be fine. I searched the web for more info and sent him links to pass on to her.

He told me she isn't taking her dog because she found someone else to take him. Well that's nice, but the poor thing just grew up with you as his best friend and now you're gonna ditch him? I thought about it and calmed down a little thinking that maybe it's better this way for the dog. I thought maybe she's over her dog thing and just wants to be petless.

Then the phone call from my friend. She's buying a bulldog puppy!!! :censor::censor::censor:???Bulldogs are really fragile in heat! I told him that if she was concerned about the heat, not to get a bulldog. Well she wants a bulldog and one of her friends told her that because they have short hair they can tolerate heat well. I've ranted and raved, but what can I do?

Ugh... pets are just disposable to her and it makes so upset. I wish there was a blacklist for pet ownership. Sad thing is she has the money, and someone will sell her a puppy.
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I'm soo sorry you had to go through this. It would also anger me to the point where I think you should have to take a test to be able to take care of an animal. This leads back to the age old question of what seperates humans from animals and how they are treated. If our pets could talk, would this change how we treated animals and also show how much intellect they really had? Most often people associate not being able to talk as not being equal to humans or not intellectual. Not that any of us would think that! I often wonder how things would be if this were a possibility.

BTW, I love your siggy!
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Right because there's no such thing as air conditioning in Miami

Unfortunately there are many dense people like that out there. Just be glad that you no longer are friends with her or speak to her on a regular basis.
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I would continue to talk to your mutual friends just to keep up with whatever animal she might be buying that day.

I feel sorry for all the dogs she is buying, it is not their fault.
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i know how you feel... i have a friend like that, too. to her credit, tho, my friend always finds good homes for hers when she's tired of them. i think my friend's deal is she likes babies, & when they become adults she gets tired of them. she just recently rehomed 2 cats she raised from 3weeks of age, bottle babies, that were not even a year old, because they were getting 'too agressive'. they hadn't been spayed yet - i told her that might very well solve the problem, plus make them more adoptable, but she found a home for them where the adopters were willing to have the spay done after the adoption. i don't understand it, either.
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Unfortunately, I have some friends JUST like this!! They think they can get a pup or kitty because "its soooo cute" but then it grows up!(d'oh!) and its not cute or *fun* anymore!! People like this make me wanna hurl!!!

I am glad you no longer keep in touch with that girl......she kinda sounds like a loser.
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^^^^ agreed.

I have neighbors like that. They can barely afford to feed and clothe themselves (yes.. I am serious) BUT they constantly buy their grandkids new pets. The current count is 3 rabbits in cages about the size of my litter boxes that are left outside in the woods with a tarp over them at night, 1 dog tied to a chain and abused because their granddaughter "loves him," (they used to have another, but she froze to death so they dumped her body on the side of the road) 1 lizard that has who knows what kind of care, 1 rooster they got b/c they wanted eggs (ROFLMAOOO!!!)--the other two were killed within their first week at the new "home," 2 cats that are both unneutered Toms. They show up maybe every 6 months or so demanding some food. I honestly believe those two have the best treatment out of the bunch.

Another got a puppy b/c two of the other neighbors got them, and then proceeded to sell an un-mannered, un-housebroken, unspayed 7 month old dog to a person that probably breeds designer dogs.

It's crazy.
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People never seem to amaze me over their stupidity when it comes to animals.
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Ugh - that makes me so mad! And I just don't understand it. Our pets are part of the family.
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This angers me! I rescued a persian kitten who was on its own and had a bad ear infection and fleas. I knew a woman who always got cats and when she tired of them she would just let them go off on their own. These people have no compassion for animals and shouldn't have them. Period!
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