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Other signs of a UTI?

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I'm hoping you guys can help me out with a quandry. After my "guest kitty" Studley left, I went through the room with a black light because Studley is well...still studly. So I found a lot of spots there to hit with the enzyme spray, and I thought I would go through the rest of the house sincee Studley wandered around a little bit.

What I found was a lot of spots everyone, and most of them look to be older than Studley's visit. I've never noticed a urine smell problem, but I don't know if the spots are from one or both of my boys, or perhaps the previous owner who had two cats as well.

I'm definitely finding pee in the litter box, but it strikes me that Billy has been going while I've been in the bathroom, and I can hear him peeing, but he doesn't pee that much, as far as what I remove from the litter box in that spot later. I don't know how much of that is "mommy in the bathroom, time to go even though I don't really have to" or if it could possibly be a problem, and the spots in the house are from him. He certainly doesn't seem to be straining, and he is going.

So is there anything else I can look for to see if it might be him? I don't have the money for a vet trip just to see if its not very likely he has a problem, though of course I'll go if its likely he does have a UTI. Right now, my thoughts are to clean up all the spots with the enzyme cleaner, make sure I can't see them under the black light anymore, and see if anymore appear in the next week or so.

Suggestions, anyone? Thanks in advance!
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If he is going frequently without much volume, he is having a problem. He will do it in front of you to let you know he has a problem, thus everytime you are in the bathroom he goes. HE needs to go to the vet, as it could be serious. Could you leave the box empty and get some straight urine to take to be checked? Also, you could feel it and feel if it has sandy material in it. That would be crystals. taking in urine will save money and pain for the cat. You can refrigerate it overnight. It will be fine.
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I can certainly try. I guess I've just been wondering if its a frequent thing, or a "hey, clean box, time to go" sort of thing.

The boys tend to pee in one spot several times, so I'm not sure how much volume is normal at once. How much would you think, just as a guesstimate?
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Fang goes twice a day, and his clumps are the size of a lime or lemon. Spike and Pansy go once a day, and theirs are the size of baseballs. the vet said both patterns are normal. Fang is my crystal cat. He had a problem, which is now resolved with an acidifier called Carpon. I just bought ph sticks to check his PH. I am going to see if I can use powdered cranberry in a capsule instead of carpon due to its expense. I will be experiminting with it soon, and guage it by checking his PH. He used to pee unappropriately and I felt his urine and it had sandy material. I took it to the vet and he gave me an antibiotic which is a temporary fix. He started again, and thats when I discovered the carpon. The vet did say to give the powdered cranberry, but I didn't know how much and he stopped eating it after a while.
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Ah, thanks. Sorry, I was out of town for about 24 hours. I called the vet up, and asked them what they thought I should do. Billy went to the box right before I left, and checking on that one, it was about the same size I always pull up, small lime size seems about right.

So based on that, they said keep an eye on him and see what he does for the next few days - straining in the litter box, blood in the urine, going outside the box, etc. I know he doesn' t have the middle one, I'm pretty sure its not one of my two going outside the box, and I've never seen him "strain" - he always has this look like he's meditating or something while he's in the box.

So I guess we'll see. I think I'm just being majorly paranoid when it comes to the boys' health. But I just love them to pieces!
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You're right to be concerned...it is a serious and important issue. But if his volume and behavior are normal, then there's probably nothing to worry about now. Those stains could be old, like you said...or they could be something else too. Old vomit stains glow, but not as bright as urine. Some food stains and liquids, etc do glow a bit under a black light even after they've been cleaned up. I thought my kitchen was clean until I turned on the black light in there. It looked like a scene from CSI. LOL
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