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canned kitten food comperable to nutro?

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Hey folks, I'm looking for some new canned food options for the two feral kittens we found. I've been feeding a mix of authority (petsmart brand) and nutro (which I can hardly find), but I'd like to feed a variety of types so they don't become finicky eaters. They're getting 3-4 meals of wet a day and free-feeding on dry nutro natural choice kitten at night.

I'd like to stay with something in the nutro/authority price range or lower (~65-78 cents for a 5.5 oz can here), but I'm willing to go a little higher if need be. I know that petco carries natural balance (the "all lifestages" stuff, but fat/protein content didn't look as good as nutro and authority), castor and pollux brand stuff, and royal canin, but I'm not sure what our local "petland" carries, I don't particularly like to shop there since they sell puppies, but they might have a larger variety of foods.

Thanks for any/all suggustions... If you have any other suggustions (feeding schedule, amounts, etc) I'd be glad to hear them.
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Innova . Cal natural in bigger cans will give you variety

Merrick, felidea and wellness are a bit more but worth it ...
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If you have a Trader Joe's near you, their foods are decent and very reasonably priced.
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Thanks for the info!
I'll check out our local stores to see if they carry any of those. We don't have a trader joes here though

Thanks again!
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Like Sharky said, to get in that price range, the 13oz cans are the way to go. Otherwise it seems like almost everything is around a dollar (or more) per can. The 12-13oz cans of Wellness, Felidae, EVO, Innova, California Natural, Eagle Pack, Nature's Variety, etc all range from $1.20-$2 here.

Oh, Wal Mart has the Natural Life brand which is decent, I think it's about .78/can. It's all life stages.

Most of the food co. websites have a store locator. That might be a good way to find some more of the smaller/specialty stores in your area.
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Thanks again for the info!
Well, after calling my two local small pet stores, and trying the natura (wellness, etc) and chicken soup websites, it seems that no one in this area carries any of those I may have to stick with what I'm doing and just supplement with the cheaper brands of canned for variety (as much as I hate to feed anything with animal by-products). I will check out my walmart the next time I go and look for the "natural life" brand and I'll take a closer look at petco...I know they carry natural balance and some others there.

Oh, how I wish I lived in a larger city. Alas, there are disadvantages to living out in the woods.

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