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Getting the cat pee smell out of the carpet

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Nature's Miracle never seems to work and just recently someone posted about a mixture of I THINK vinegar, dish soap, baking soda and water? Maybe there was one more thing in the mix, or maybe they weren't all mixed together. I can't remember exactly and I wish I would have written it down. Does someone remember this thread or know what I am talking about? What kind of vinegar? What sort of amounts of vinegar/soap/baking soda and water mixture would work on the carpet and underneath it? I have to soak the floor boards I think...
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No vinegar. It is hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. do a search on hydrogen peroxide the exact proportions will come up. I just soaked some clothes that were on the basement floor that were used as a litter box. I soaked them for a day and then washed them. no smell.
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ohh peroxide! thats it. I do remember a few people mentioning vinegar though. But will the cats still smell it? It is one thing for me not to, but the cats are another story! Gosh it is so hard to tell what works best. I will start at the top and work my way down the list I suppose hehe.

I will search for the proportions. Thanks.
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Your right about natures miracle, useless stuff I think. Yes the peroxide mix, works very well, White vintager also works WONDERS,if you can stand the smell. It works on everything from pee to mold to whine stains on white shirts, an all around good cleaner, peroxide though works pretty darn well, don't use to much or it can bleach your carpet. Best of Luck!
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Thanks, I ended up using OxyClean, white vinegar hot water and hydrogen peroxide. I tried them in different spots to see what works best. I hope I didn't use too much peroxide though.

It got the stains out of the underneath part of the carpet and the smell was gone as far as I could tell. I covered it all with garbage bags, and gues what? When I woke up this morning, the bags were crumpled in places and there was fresh pee on the bags and on the carpet underneath!

I pulled up the carpet and I was shocked at what I saw. The tack boards that hold the carpet in place are saturated in pee in certain spots and stained. Those will have to be replaced when I move out. That shouldn't be too bad though. I am just imagining the large amounts of vinegar and peroxide i will have to buy to clean it all. Then I think I will have the people come who clean carpets specifically for pet stains.

I think I am going to stop rescuing until I get into a house and out of the apartment. I think it stresses out my cats too much having so many extras coming and going. It seems if I go a few hours too long on cleaning out the boxes, someone pees on the floor. Since I could never seem to get the smell out, they keep going back... this is just too much, I hate living in a big, giant litterbox.
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Yeah, the plastic bags are very attractive even when they're in a clean spot. I found that out the hard way I'm not sure why but they must be fun to pee on.

If it's any help for now, there's a Feliway-type product that's actually reasonably priced...it's called "No Mark". It's not a deterrant, it actually works on the same principle as Feliway. I got a 16oz bottle at Petsmart for $9.99 and it was well worth it. It goes a long way and it works. Of course that won't get rid of the pee smell, but it may help in preventing future incidents.
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