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Cat Peeing on Rug

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I just saw Milo peeing on a rug by the front door. That rug just got put there about a week or two ago (before that it was in a different spot in the house) and every since there has been many pee spots on it but we thought it was the dog because when she cant get outside that is where she goes.

Milo is neutered and has not done anything like this in about a year and a half since he got neutered. We have not done anything different around here.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to why he would do this and how to stop it?
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I can't really tell you why they do it, all I know is that each time we have put a rug in our bathroom, one of the cats has peed on it and for that very reason, I can't keep a rug in there. I don't know if it is the rubber smell that they associate with and just like to pee on it or if it is some other attraction. There might be some product out there that you could use to spray the carpet, but I don't know what will work since each cat has a different personality so you might just have to try a few until you find something that works or not keep a rug in that area. I wish I could help you out more and hope that someone will be along who may know why!
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