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I started making wallpapers a while back and lost most of them when I had a deleting frenzy. This was the last one I made and it's called Warlock. I've reduced the image quality in order to help none broadband users see it quickly

I may make some more later on, they're VERY easy to make and you need little artistic skill
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Bunn...very nice. And I must say that little artistic ability definitely describes me. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler!
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This one was made in under 20 minutes with a special program called Terragen. It's great for creating landscapes for use in art, games, photos etc. It's very slightly blurred for a reason, it's so your eyes feel as though they need to adjust and I forgot where the anti-aliasing was.

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That's impressive, BuNN. Beautiful.
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Wow! Those are beautiful! good job!!!
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I would love to be in those. So very calming.
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Thanks. I really do have to admit though if I can make them anyone can all you need is a program called Terragen, which is free. The image below was one of the ones I'd lost, but I remembered posting it on another forum some time back. It was still there. Apparently one of the guys there showed the image to his teacher at University. He asked him where it was, when he said it was a computer image he fell off his chair.

As a note I won't be attaching any more to the forums now, they take up bandwidth and Anne will beat me.
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Oh yeah you can get Terragen from HERE! Tis free and worth a fiddle.
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