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Urgent advice - enteritis

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My 5 yo Timmy has enteritis. He is getting all medications but not doing well. He is very dehydrayed and his skin aleady has lost elasticity. Just finished his last injections tonight and need advice ASAP - as he is very defydrated, is it better to keep him warm at night or cool. He is in cage so he can not chose himself.

Please, help with advice, I forget to ask my vet about it!
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Call the vet's office back and let them know what is happening. They should be able to give you advice.
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If he's dehydrated he really should be seen by a vet
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Timmy pulled through the last night and seems feeling a bit better.
When I asked the question yesterday, we just returned from our vet and I just forget to ask. When I realised that I have doubts about heat/cold for dehydrated, our vet office has been already closed (we are in rural area with small vet office only). But after you posted here I realised that I'm an overreacting idiot and called to the head emergency hospital and they adviced me to keep him in warm place. So I did.

We spent day at vet yesterday, got all medications and the remaining is my job to do here, at home - all the injections and oral medications. It is not good to leave cat at vet as nobody is there at night so no care awailable anyway, better at home were me and husband are doing shifts to keep him going.

So please, keep your fingers crossed for him!
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I'm glad you were able to get Timmy's medications and that he is doing better. I hope he continues to improve. Hugs to you and Timmy.
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Timmy went through another night, and we even saw him walking a bit this morning. He had not had womited for over 24 hours now and we gave him a bit of boiled rice afte the oral vitamin compex Glikopan and his antibiotic injections this morning.
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