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Dog killed in kennel

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This actually happened in my hometown:


I've now decided that if I have to go out of town not to board my cats, even though I have never heard of these problems at either the PetSmart Pet Hotel or the boarding kennel at my vets office. I'd rather have a family member come into my house and feed them, change litter, etc. I just couldn't take the risk of something happening like this.
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Our beloved Sambo never spent the night at a kennel. If my neighbor or my children couldn't keep him, we just didn't go no where.

Sambo always went with us when he could, but if no one couldn't keep him, then we just stayed home.
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That is such a horrible thing to happen!!! Aren't these people trained to handle dogs and control them!

The line about Akitas being "spontanious, and should never be off lease" what a scape goat!!!!! Just because the dog is a certian breed means nothing! My aunt has one that doesn't give a darn about any other animal, it's never had a lease on in it's life! It's the handler's fault not the dogs!
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Oh, how terrible!! My heart goes out to this woman. That's why my family have an agreememt on caring for pets while on vacation. We rarely ever go anywhere, but if we do, family will care for ours. When my brother went on his honeymoon, we babysat his dog, and when my parents went on vacation, we took care of their 2. I just don't trust boarding them.
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