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Happy Gotcha Day Stumpy!!!!!!!

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We got Stumpy as a foster a little over a year ago when she was about 7-8 months old after she'd been hit by a car and suffered a broken pelvis and broken tail. She was found in a school yard by some kids who got their teacher, and they called Animal Control who got her fixed up. Her intake record at the shelter says "Hit by car, dragging back legs, broken pelvis in multiple places, broken tail, sweet, affectionate, purring non-stop, making muffins!" That's our Stumpy.

She got her tail amputated, and spent 2 weeks at the shelter, then came home with us to recover for a couple more weeks. When I took her in, she was super skinny, her fur was thin, and had chunks of fur missing, she had worms, and she'd been pregnant, but miscarried during the accident, and her body was reabsorbing the dead babies (but she got spayed and fixed up).

She was great at home though, we confined her to our spare room for a bit, and as soon as we opened the door, she'd be running over as fast as she could on her wobbly, broken little body. She was loving the attention, and had so much spunk. Within a few days she was trying to run up and down the stairs after us, and trying (and succeeding!!!) to jump up and down off the couches as well!! Her recovery was amazing, and I fell in love.

On June 15, 2006 we decided she would continue she rest of her life with us getting the care and love she deserves.

She has turned out to be completely hyperactive, and has damaged walls from constantly leaping up them, ruined our dining table and chairs from leaping all over them, chewed through I don't know how many cables, and cost us I have no idea how much money, but we love her all the same. She's such a silly girl and always makes us laugh.

She loves to be around us and follows us around all day, she loves her belly rubs, and she has amazing instincts. She's picked up on my pregnancy and has been even more affectionate toward me ever since, and always likes to cuddle against my belly. She picks up when I'm sad and just sits nearby. She looked after both Lily and Smudge when we first got them, and has always played a protector role of them.

Happy gotcha day beautiful Stumpy!!!!!
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She is just beautiful! Happy gotcha day Stumpy!
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What a beautiful cat and a wonderful happy ending story of how she came to you.

Happy Gotcha Day Stumpy from me, Bijou and Mika.
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Happy gotcha day!!!
She is a gorgeous girl and what a story she has.
She is so lucky to of found you
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Happy gotcha day you beautiful girl! May you have years of joy and wonder with your Meowmy and Purrpa!
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Happy gotcha day!

And the pics are gorgeous
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Happy Gotcha Day, Stumpy!
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Happy gotcha day, gorgeous girl! You sound like such a special kitty and I know how much your meowmy adores you! lots of purrs, head bumps, and tail wags going out to you on your specail sweetie. she reminds me so much of Miagi in her markings. she couldn't ask for a better home. thanks so much for rescueing her and giving her a chance. I hope you guys have many, many, many more happy, healthy years together.
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Aww... how could anyone say no to that face. Happy gottcha day sweet Stumpy! You had a rough start but your where you were meant to be.
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Ohh! Happy Gotcha Day Stumpy!!! What a beautiful girl
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Awwww Stumpy Happe Gotcha Day sweety!!
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happy gotcha day stumpy, aren't you glad they gotcha
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