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I think Im in need of advice!

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Ohhh boy!!! Im a sucker..A BIG FAT SUCKER for those sad puppy dog eyes. My friend Jill just started an animal rescue. (www.petmatchmaker.org) She has ten dogs and probably even more cats at her house that she needs help fostering. So Im going to get a new pal for Bruno and start fostering dogs for her. And since Im going to be going to her house to pick one out to start fostering I might end up with a cat too (thank god everyone is pre-spuetered). I know this is a cat forum but does anyone have ANY advice at all for a multi dog household. Bruno isnt an alpha dog he just doesnt have that personality. So Im not sure but I dont think there will be any territory issues except with his bean bag which he flops down on anyone that tries to sit on it. But mine and Daves plan is to give them a room in the basement to have for their own. It will have Brunos crate, a sofa, chair the food and stuff. After everyone gets used to the area we are planning to move the cat stuff down there too. Dave also built a gate to block off the bottom part of the deck so Bruno now has full run of both the top and bottom deck to play around. We are planning on planting flowers and tilling for next years garden so we dont want anyone in the yard unsupervised, especially since I found mole and rabbit holes in our yard yesterday while I was mowing the grass. I really dont want to find any dead babies anywhere. But anyways onward from my excited and anxious ramblings. Does anyone have any advice on how to make this adjustment go easy on everyone involved. Im mostly worried about Bruno but hes so easy going that he should probably be the least of my worries. Hercules and Dawkins/ Lil Man/ Sugar Pie (my poor kitty is going to have an identity crisis now that my 3 yr old calls him sugar pie ) are going to probably have the biggest adjustments since this will mean another giant dog drooling and trying to snuggle them up. So anyone with multi animal advice please pass it along my way...And hopefully tonight Ill have some cute pics to show everyone...
Have a great day all
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I can offer no useful suggestion, but I can say good luck and good on ya for helping out!!
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Well we brought home a one yr old yellow lab named Bonnie. Shes very shy and sedate but otherwise a GREAT puppy. Im giving her space to check things out and kinda get into the groove of things before I let everyone around her and into the hubbub of the house. Bruno is estatic at having another dog to play with so far everything is looking good. Hercules and Dawkins arent very happy with me right now because Bonnie is so much bigger than Bruno they arent used to her size. But they will eventually be ok. Im letting them hide away for right now. Ill have pictures soon!!!!
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Good luck and I hope everything works out great with the fostering.
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