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Sometimes my cat scares me....

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(only kidding really)... because he is just nuts. And that's right, I'm not talking about sweet little Sonic.

Radar is currently charging around the flat at breakneck speed, leaping onto things, knocking things over, and being generally crazy. I walk out to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and he streaks past me in the opposite direction. I walk back to the sitting room and something goes thump into the backs of my legs and thunders off like a herd of elephants only to turn around, charge back, leap up, and try to grab the mug of steaming hot tea out of my hand (I have spilled hot tea on him before you would think he'd learn).

I sit at the computer and suddenly something black and white barrels out of nowhere and launches off the ground, grabs my arm in a flying leap, nips, runs across my lap and the coffee table and disappears under the sofa - then a few seconds later there is a scrabbling claws-on-fabric noise and he pops up over the back of the sofa from behind, squeezing through the gap between sofa and wall with his eyes bulging (I once made the mistake of looking over the back of the sofa while he was behind it and he scrabbled up at lightning speed and punched me in the eye before I could react!)

Every so often he jumps up from under the desk trying to grab my arm while I'm typing, and usually thumps his head on the underside of the desk in the process - I am beginning to wonder if he has given himself brain damage!!!

It's very entertaining to watch, but I have worked out that the safest thing for me to do when he's going nuts is to sit as still as possible, and definitely not to walk around with cups of hot tea as there's a likelihood that at least one of us may end up scalded.

I would love to hear descriptions of what other people's cats do in their moments of madness!
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Yep Humphrey exactly the same!

Take last night for example, he hurtled through the cat flap at 100 mph, charged around the lounge, under all the rugs, then he charged upstairs only to charge back down them again. He then went behind the sofa only to pounce from behind, over the sofa (and over hubby's head!!) nearly knocked hubbys cuppa from his hand (hee hee) and charged back out of the cat flap!

Little whirlwind he is, I know when he is going to do it, I can tell by his eyes if he is gonna be hypo or not. Funny most of the time, but when I'm coming down the stairs at the same time he is hurtling down them in one of his hypo moods and nearly taking me with him is not sooo funny!!!

Favourite game at the mo is hide the toy mouse under the rug, he loves it!!!!

I love him so much though and he does make me laugh, who needs the tv!!


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With multiple cats, you get the chase times at least 5. They start on one side of the room, under the coffee table, over the sofa, down the back, under the end table, onto the chair, over the side, into the den under the computer desk....

But its so much fun to watch.
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That is hilarious, I'm sorry but when you said he punched you in the eye I almost busted my gut laughing
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
That is hilarious, I'm sorry but when you said he punched you in the eye I almost busted my gut laughing
I did! OMG what a sight he must be Mine only get these bursts of energy after they go potty
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Stanley can turn into "crack kitty" anytime day or night...signs of crack kitty include dilated pupils, erect tail, springy legs and lightning speed. No surface is exempt from the paws of crack kitty, not faces, throats, stomachs and other, em, more sensitive areas. Do not attempt to eat during these episodes as any foodstuffs may be subject to the fluffy tail treatment or wet nose.
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i jsut call these times the " Daytona 500" ans sit back and watch. Its usually Tigger and Kali, with Prue jsut watching. sometimes Tigger even clears the couch in one bound!
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Ha Ha I am with the 16 cats....all old..and still able to knock things out of my hand or trip me...

My favorite (with the urge to kill) is the "Fly Patrol"....when a fly gets into my house...and at least 5 of them spend hours watching it and chasing it.....not giving a flying hoot what they knock down in the process.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
That is hilarious, I'm sorry but when you said he punched you in the eye I almost busted my gut laughing
That's ok, when he did it I collapsed in tears of laughter myself (OK some of the tears were because my eye hurt) just because it was so funny that I could see what was happening but it was a blur of motion and all too fast for me to do anything to stop it - just cat face surging towards me and paw jabbing out, it was like being knocked out in the first few seconds of a boxing match. It's one of his favourite tricks, and he's got me from behind the bookcases too. I should have called him Cassius Clay
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Thanks guys! I now know Blossom is normal. I was beginning to think during her speed demon moments she was going mad.
All my other cats were indoor/outdoor so don't remember them having any of these moments. Blossom's inside all the time, so I guess she's using up some of that pent up energy.
She arches her back, tail out & bent flying across the floor, lounge chairs, us if we happen to be in the way.
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Max has these moments of madness a few times a week. He'll run across the sofa, along the window sill, behind the curtains(which is funny if they're closed), onto the tv, the sideboard,cabinet & finally leap onto the bookcase, which I've captured below!
Very entertaining, but you've just got to keep out of his way if you want to avoid a trip to the hospital. Bless him!
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I'm crying from laughing so hard after reading through this thread!

My cat doesn't do much...every once in awhile she has her energy spurts, but they don't last long. She plays with her catnip lion, & sock. Sometimes she's after a fly, which is hilarious too, since she's a biggun, but jumps around like she weighs nothing!
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Pandi was a Tasmanian devil, from Bugs Bunny, I had to duck under the covers when she would do her freak out runs! Maia is amazingly conscious of my where abouts and safety when she freaks, much more so then her own! One time she ran right into a mirror head first! Silly girl
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my cat is the same, she will leap great depths and jump from the floor and leap onto the cupboard doors and dash away again, she will then go crazy on her cat tree lol
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oh my goodness, Epona, I am dying laughing here too Crazy Radar! I can honestly say that out of my 10 cats, no one is a "crack kitty" they get tiny spurts of energy, but then they go back to being lazy
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10 Cats!!!???? Yeah....I don't feel so bad least not AS bad!!!
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Radar managed to con Nate into giving him a second breakfast this morning he's such a little pig!
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
Radar managed to con Nate into giving him a second breakfast this morning he's such a little pig!
Topaz keeps trying that with Mom, but Mom's arthritis keeps her from opening cans.
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Oh man, I nearly died laughing. I'm at work and I swear my clients must think I'm nuts.
My cats go CRAZY. Their eyes get all big, tails straight up, and its just back and forth, running horizontally along furniture, clearing all flat surfaces in a single bound. when I was in my last place, it was worse. If they could climb walls, they would. they've tried. Oreo runs, slides and skids into things. Every day I come home and the floor rugs are all crumpled up in the corner. I sometimes chase them around when they get crazy to help them get it out a little faster Its hysterical.
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Marmalade goes nuts quite often even though she is in indoor/outdoor cat.
We generally have the back door open for her all day when we are home so that she can wander in and out at her leisure. Well sometimes we hear the door bang open and then she comes thundering down the corridor at warp speed, runs around the edges of the sofa, shoots back into the corridor and does a circuit of the garden. She will then stop and lie down in a little dip we have waiting for us to come out and see her, at which point she will leap out of said dip, attack my feet and then go back into the flat again!!!
She once was having her mad 5 minutes before going to bed, she was haring around the flat like a loon and then ran at top speed along the bed, looked Gabe right in the eyes and then leapt off and shot back down into the hall way nearly knocking me flying.
We know when a funny five minutes is coming up as she will arch her back, fluff her tail up and walk along sideways!!! She sometimes rears up on her hind legs and kind of boxes with her front paws, I've never see anything like it in my life but I think its just too funny!!!
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Radar is having a funny five minutes as we speak- he has knocked about thirty CD's onto the floor and has been running straight into my recycling

tbh he can be a bit scarey
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