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He's fighting the kitten!

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I don't know what is going on. Normally my 5 year old male and my 10 month old female kitten are the best of friends. They are always cuddling, cleaning, and playing together! Well.... Last night (at 4 am) both of them startled me in bed (they were apparently at the end of my bed) when I heard the 5 year old start yelling at the kitten, he got very aggressive, chased her around the house (causing things to fall and her to hide behind a door), started growling and hissing at her! I know he was really ticked, his tail was puffed and all of the hair raised on his back! While he was growling at her I was gently trying to calm him down asking "whats wrong tiger, you ok" he meowed ever so slightly (which was odd since he was hissing and growling and meowing to me so sadly)!! Well I watched them until she came out and they made up (took about 15 minutes)... Then...

This morning at about 6:30 am I was going to the bathroom to get ready (the kitten was in the living room and tiger followed me to the bathroom door) as soon as I closed the door he went ballistic on her just as he did last night! The only thing I can think of is that she ran from the living room and attacked him from behind (she does this when playing, wraps her arms around his body and bites his head). I didn't see the cause of this at either instance which makes it hard to figure the problem!

As for lastnight the only thing I can think would set him off would be her tendancy to pull and bite his tail! Normally he takes these things lightly or plays right back!

I am concerned about this behavior, for the past month once in a great while Tiger will make a weird noise, run up to the kitten and pin her down to the ground (not letting her up) which is not cool since she is maybe 7 pounds and he is 16 pounds... This is not their normal play behavior! We have had Tiger longer then Nollee and they have gotten along all too well the whole time! Im wondering if he is trying to claim back his dominance? He is always treated as the dominate cat but the kitten feels she is just as dominant and lets him know!

I feel so bad, the kitten was so scared and saddend that he got mad... They made up before I left for work but i worry this may happen again... Tiger is very crochity today, he even tried to bite me (not hard) when I was petting him!

As a final note both cats are fixed and have all of their claws, as well as up to date on vet checks and shots!
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My very first thought as I read this is that perhaps the older male has a health issue or even that the younger one could have something wrong and the older one senses it. Animals are amazing at sensing illness in another. Whenever there is a change in behaviour it is a good idea to have a vet check as this often is an indication that something is wrong and the cat is not feeling well. If nothing else, the vet check can rule out any illness and then you know for sure you have a behaviour issue which you can then start dealing with.
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I'll see if the instance happens again since they were both just checked by the vet last month! They have seen the vet alot this year (mainly the kitten... for ringworm, scratched eye, cold, shots, etc)... Maybe he has had enough of her harrassment, if the issue continues (and I wont allow it to for a long period of time then I will take them in)! They are both still eating well, drinking, using the box, playing, loving towards us and eachother (well usually eachother), etc. It is quite bizarre I must say! It's like my older cat has gone bipolar!
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Originally Posted by trixie23 View Post
Im wondering if he is trying to claim back his dominance? He is always treated as the dominate cat but the kitten feels she is just as dominant and lets him know!

Maybe she's getting to the age where he feels his territory is being threatened by her?
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Gosh I don't know the crazy old fart (he will be 6 this fall).... He did it again last night... their playing right now! He has done this three times in the past day now! Is he getting crochity? Its really scarey when he does it (he never catches her for long at least) because he yells, growls, hair raised on his back, tail puffed... He means business!
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