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Question of the day: 6-15-07

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A little earlier today, since I won't be on TCS all day today

How often do you/your spouse drive the posted speed limit? If you don't, how many miles over do you usually drive? Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket before?

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He drives CRAZY. Absolutly insane. It's like being on a really scary roller coaster, and I shut my eyes at the top of the hill, only in the car, I shut my eyes at the interections. haahaha.

Me, I'm kind of a speed limit follower. But ever scince we moved to Florida, I have not driven yet. It is nuts down here. People are driving like there is no tomarrow. I need alot better car insurance to be able to drive down here. Accidents everywhere. All over the place.

I have never gotten a speeding ticket. yay. Niether has he. But soon he will.
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There are a lot of road deaths in Ireland; mainly due to bad drivers. However some spped limits are ridiculous; way too high for some roads and way too slow for others. So I have been guilty of speeding when the road conditions allow me to speed! I've not been caught (yet) but generally I try and stick to the limit.

My partner is the same although sometimes he goes ridiculously slow!!!
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Gil sticks within the speed limit
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I'd say DH and I normally do about 5-10 over on the highways. Him probably more when we are on trips. On a lot of local roads here I do the speed limit or just about 5mph over. I know which roads need more caution on and things.

Funny story: once on a trip DH was driving a friend's car and we were following another friend. (We had the couple who's car it was with us, DH was just driving at the moment.) Well DH got pulled over for speeding. Our friends we were following noticed so they pulled over about 300' ahead of us. Well after the cop talked to us, they gave DH a warning and gave our friend the ticket! I shouldn't laugh....but we did and still do! DH offered to pay half the ticket but our friend wouldn't let him. Memories eh?
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Mine used to drive at least 20mph over when we were younger, but now he's sort of matured and drives roughly 5-10mph over. I live in the country and depending on the area I can drive like 15 over or drive the exact limit.. Like some of the back country roads have speed limits of 35mph but no one's ever around so I might go 50 instead, but I would never do that through a town or even on a highway.. I try to follow traffic rules as much as possible because I would hate to injure someone out of my stupidity..

I have had probably 5 warnings (all when I was 16-22) but only got one ticket.. Although he didn't code it speeding, but it WAS for speeding. I was going 56 in a 45. That was about 4 yrs ago. I hope not to get another one ever!
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I'm a goody two shoes....I absolutely will not speed under any circumstances!
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I rarely drive and DH usually goes the speed limit or barely above, due to maximizing fuel consumption. Drive too fast you burn extra fuel.
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I pretty much follow or am at the MAX 5 mph over. I don't normally go above that.

DF, however, is a totally different story. He has two driving speeds: 45 mph in the city and 90+ on the highway. Oh and he plays car dodging too...but that's fora different radio question.
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I usually drive the speed limit, or just a little over. I did get a speeding ticket once when I was called in to work to do a stat C-section in the middle of the night many years ago. I was flying. The cop didn't believe me and wouldn't let me go to the hospital for the surgery. By the time I got the ticket and got to the hospital, the baby was already delivered (and was fine, thank God!) I probably should have persued it with the police department, but I just didn't want to deal with all of the hassle. I drive much slower now when I get called in....
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Where I work I dare mot speed or get stopped. They always give tickets here. Off post I speed a lot! Normally I go 15-20 over on the interstate!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
Where I work I dare mot speed or get stopped. They always give tickets here. Off post I speed a lot! Normally I go 15-20 over on the interstate!
15-20 OVER on the interstate?! Yikes-- I go like 5 over & that scares me enough! How often have you gotten picked up?!
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If you go the speed limit here your get run off the road. the limit is 55 I go 75 or 80. Unless it is raining. Then I go 55.

I haven't gotten a ticket yet but if I do Iwill probably lose my liscense!

Oh I forgot to mention that as fast as I drive there are still quite a few people that fly past me!!
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Damn, when I visit my fiance in Florida, its impossible NOT to drive fast. Im not used to it because I live in Ohio and when were on the freeway its SO FAST and freaks me out, and im like SLOW DOWN!! LOL im not sure if he is exceeded the speed limit, but according to my speedometer he is! LOL.
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I tend to stick close to the posted speed limit- if i go over it's only by a few miles. Colin tends to go a bit over as well.
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I know on i95 in some places it's posted as 65 but the traffic goes around 85-90 and if you slow down you're done! That scares the crap out of me!

I'm not really comfortable driving above 65-70mph, even if the speed limit is 70+. I'm too skeert of deer. Imagine hitting a deer at 85mph--yeesh.
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I don't drive, so no speeding tickets for me!

J frequently speeds, although he tends to go no more than 20 KM over the posted speed limit (you don't get ticketed for going less tha 20 over the limit); when he does go more than 20 clicks over the speed limit, he's usually careful to be slightly slower than the fastest car on the road, in the hopes that the cops choose to ticket the faster car instead. It seems to work, since he's only received one speeding ticket in the entire time he's been driving (over fourteen years).
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I probably go around 10 miles over the speed limit in general. I have never gotten a ticket, and never gotten in an accident.

DH tends to drive slower than me on the highway, faster than me on the regular roads. He has gotten so many tickets that he once had his license suspended (before I met him). He has not had a ticket in over five years however, thank goodness.
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Hubby drives fast.I also drive fast.We both go about 5-10 miles over the speed limit.He has gotten tickets, I have not.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
How often do you/your spouse drive the posted speed limit? If you don't, how many miles over do you usually drive? Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket before?
Answering for both of us -

rarely, 5-15, yes
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I speed all the time. I'm always in such a rush with my job. When I have doggies in the car though I don't speed; I'm very careful.
I'm never the fastest car on the road though!
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I usually go at least 5 miles over the speed limit. But I live in the middle of no where and so we only have the sheriff patrol and they are never around where I am. I have gotten caught a couple times but they just shake their head at me and mation for me to slow it down. LOL
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I usually drive at least 10 over...and no I have never gotten a ticket or been pulled over

*knocks on wood*
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Does going 40 in a 30 count as going to fast? I am always going to fast when I'm going to work because I'm always late now. I just can't seem to get motivated in the mornings and liked being only three minutes from work. Now I'm at least 10 minutes from it and can't seem to leave on time no matter what I do. I hate to see what happens in the winter.(UGH!)
DH doesn't seem to go very fast in fact, he's usually right around the speed limit which drives me bonkers.(no pun intended) He's gotten a couple of tickets though. I haven't gotten any(knock on wood)
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I drive the speed limit in the city but on the freeway I usually go 5 over. I have had a ticket before but that was back when I drove faster in the city and on the freeway
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