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Scottish shortbread-for Carla, Heidi, and anyone interested.

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Scottish Shortbread

This is the world's easiest recipe, unless you force too much flour into it! It's so easy, I'm embarassed, but oh, so delicious. My mother (from Glasgow) got this recipe from a baker in Glasgow. The confectioner's sugar is the difference.

For two 8 inch round cake pans

1/2 pound butter (real butter)
1 and 1/4 cups confectioner's sugar
2 1/3 cups flour in a separate container- This amount will vary according to the temperature of the room, the butter and your hands.

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees

Use your hands to mix the butter and conf. sugar thoroughly. Add the flour in increments of about 3/4 cups, mixing with your hands. Slow down to get the feel of the dough. If the dough does not want to accept all of the flour, don't worry about it. If it wants a tiny bit more, ok. The dough should not crumble, but handle well. Not sticky, not dry.

Form two equal sections into balls. Flatten and shape to fit into 2 -8 inch round cake pans. Crimp around the sides as you would a pie. Prick the entire round with a fork, piercing the whole way through. Use a cookie cutter on top to make a Christmas design. (My mother had a thistle, but we can't find it.) Bake until golden, approximately 30-40 minutes. Please watch that it doesn't get too brown, or it won't look or taste as good. Turn out when it cools. Wrap in aluminum foil to keep fresh.

We don't bother scoring it, but just break it into pieces. So rich! Make two batches!
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Mmmmmm! I love shortbead - we always have some shop-bought organic shortbread in the cupboard. But I am very tempted to try your recipe. What is confectioner's sugar though? Is it the same as caster sugar (smaller grains than normal sugar, but not as fine as icing sugar)?
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I'm going to try to make this today! It sounds soooo yummy, and I'm having company so they can be my guinea pigs!

Thanks for the recipie.
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Jeanie...thanks so much for sharing the recipe. I can't wait to try it!

FlimFlam...confectioners sugar is 10x sugar, and it is the same kind you use for frostings or that you see sprinkled on top of funnel cakes.
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Yes, flimflam, Carla is right. Using confectioner's sugar is the secret to making it mix smoothly, that, and being cautious about the amount of flour and the baking time. The baking time can vary according to the shininess of your pans, so it's best to watch it! Please let me know how it turns out! (My Mom had always made it with regular sugar, but changed to this recipe as soon as she gave it a try.)
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Thank you so much Jeanie!! I'm very tempted to try it today as well. I've always spent way too much getting the "Authentic Scottish Shortbread" at the store, and now I can make my own!
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Mmmm Mmmm sounds divine!!! You know, you can always ice it too..... its sooooo gooooooood... *drool* :laughing:
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I made a batch this weekend and it is just as good as promised! One thing, though...when you are up to your wrists (literally) in butter and powdered sugar, pray that the phone doesn't ring. What a mess..... LOL
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Hmm, you mean to say I didn't mention that? :laughing2 :laughing2 Actually, that's why the flour has to be premeasured in another container! It's worth it though! :laughing2
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This sounds great. I am going to try it today.
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Yummm.... sound good!!!
(If only I could bake!!!)

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Lhezzza, This is foolproof. Promise!! Do it. Then you can brag. About 6 minutes work-maximum! Honestly. The easiest recipe there is. Just make sure it feels "workable"--sort of like playdoh, but not exactly.
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My grandma always makes this and it's my favorite! You guys should make some...hmmm...I should make some. It's truly delicious!
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Does this come out soft and doughy? or hard and crumbly?!

I think I might try it!

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It comes out crunchy and flaky, and it is so delicious. It is really almost foolproof. Just follow Jeanie's directions. Even if you mess up a couple steps (like I did - I forgot to fork holes in it ) it still comes out good.

Oh, and have someone else there who can answer the phone while you have your hands in the dough!
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Get caught with your hands in the cookie dough did ya...valanhb !!!!

heehee... I'll try it this weekend and report!
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Lizza, I hope it was worth Heidi having to answer the phone whilst up to her elbows in dough! I think this step should be added to the recipe -

3. Get friend to phone you when hands are most gooey. Answer phone with elbows and tell friend you're actually baking! Order friend to stop laughing and hang up.

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The cookies are worth even the phone getting all messy! Next time I make them, though, I'll make sure hubby's around to answer the phone if it rings. The call was for him anyway!
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is confectioners sugar the same thing as powdered sugar?
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Yep mate.
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