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Starting tomorrow I'll be spending a week in the company of a very sweet, very handsome dog - my brother and SIL's golden retriever, Carlos. They're leaving for vacation with the kids and my parents, so that leaves me to care for the sweetest dog (IMO) ever.

I'm going to staying at my parents' condo with "puppy dog" as my little nephew calls Carlos, because brother and SIL are having some work done on their house. Also, we figured it would be too stressful on the kitties to have Carlos at my place. He loves cats, but they don't feel the same way.

We've got some long walks planned plus, since Carlos loves car rides, we're going to visit the lady that rescued him. My boss even gave the okay for me to bring Carlos into work one day to meet everybody.

It's going to be a crazy week, juggling caring for Carlos and running home to spend time with the kitties, but I'm really excited too! Will try to post some new pics of "puppy dog" if I can.
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Oh how fun Carlos is such a gorgeous boy I am dogsitting next week
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I hope you have a great time and don't forget the pictures! I just love goldens!
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Aww... I Love retriveres. Have fun... especially at work when you take him in!
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Cool. Can't wait for pictures. I'm glad we are not the only ones that call a full grown dog "puppy"....
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Cool. Can't wait for pictures. I'm glad we are not the only ones that call a full grown dog "puppy"....
NOPE.. I do to ./// Gigi is 9.5 or 11.5 yr s and I call her the puppy..
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Well, Carlos is still young and acts a lot like a puppy, so that helps justify it.
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Not only are Goldens gentle, they are smart!
We used to let the dogs on our old sofa and chairs. Bennett wanted on the sofa, but one of the Sheepies had claimed his spot. He walks over to the dining room window and starts barking to beat the band. Both Sheepies run over to see what he is barking about - as he walks over to claim his spot on the sofa. And he has done this several times.
I swear his vocabuary for understanding is huge!
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Sounds like fun! Lucky them for having you to dogsit, and lucky you getting to have a Golden for a coupe fo weeks!
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Sounds like a lot of fun! Carlos is lucky to have Aunt Eileen to look after him.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Sounds like a lot of fun! Carlos is lucky to have Aunt Eileen to look after him.
Awww, thanks. Aunt Eileen is happy to do. What a sweet boy. We took a long walk today and now he's sacked out by the computer chair. He wants to be wherever I am. I think he's missing his family a bit, though, so I've been giving him lots of love and reassurance.
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Day 3 with "puppy," and things are going well. I'm sure getting my exercise with Carlos. We've taken a good long walk each day and played a lot. He loves playing "tug-of-war" with his rope toy and catch. We went to visit the lady that rescued him yesterday and she was thrilled to see how well he's doing. He loves car rides, so we'll do more of that before his family comes home.

It's been a while since I've lived with dog and I'm loving it. This morning, he woke me up with his wet nose and lots of licks. Different than having a cat stand on me and sticking his nose or my eyes with another one biting my ears, but quite a wake up call nonetheless. Pics coming in a day or so. Forgot to take my camera home over the weekend.

I love this dog, in case you haven't already figured that out!
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