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Just a few shots I downloaded......hopefully they're not too big this time!

Loving sisters......(Petals eye looks funny )

Loving brothers, although not quite as cuddly together.....

Bailey Boo being a bad boy.......they seem to LOVE my sink window lately!

King Tiggy loves laying on the desk when I'm trying to work.

They barely fit together, but somehow they manage.....

The 4 amigos.........

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Awwww.... I just love them Suzie!
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Awwww.... I just love them Suzie!
Thanks Heather......
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precious precious precious
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Awwww i love the second picture
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great to see the crew Susie!! they're looking as gorgeous as ever!!
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It's so nice to see 4 kitties living in harmony That one where they're squishing into the basket is just precious!
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awww they are so cute! I wish my kitties would cuddle.
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Great pics, I bet they love having you home with them
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They are all looking wonderful, Daisy still thinks Tiggy is the most handsome
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The four of them are just sweet
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Aww... Petal's eye looks a litte like Miss Moofi's in that first pic... and isn't that the same kitche window that you "scolded" poor Tiggy for being in?

They are all cutie patooties!
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Awwwwwww look at them!!! Great pics Susie!

You said that they love the kitchen window lately, they probably always did, its just lately you are there to witness it
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yay ! TTP&B photos - love the one of them all squidged into the basket, so funny and of course typical of kitties eh !!
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