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Well, it wasn't reflux...

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Just to update my thread on having been in hospital last week, I went and saw a gastroenterologist this morning who said my symptoms were certainly not typical of reflux at all, and that he felt it was either gallstones, pancreatitis or another dysfunction, which imitates gallbladder disease but without stones. He told me we `wanted' it to be gallstones, because then we could nail the problem and get it sorted. If everything came up clear, then we'd be left scratching our heads.

I was convinced it wasn't - I dunno why - but I've had this pain for a while and nothing ever shows up on any investigations, so I thought we'd end up chasing our tails trying to find out what the problem was.

Anyway, I had an ultrasound this afternoon and there they were - two 1cm gallstones that were mobile, moving around in my gallbladder and occasionally blocking my bile duct, which causes the occasional stab of pain, but the sonographer said the episodes of pain I was having would have been passing smaller stones through the duct.

No wonder it hurt like anything! I told the doctor I probably just had a low pain tolerance and was being a sook, but I kind of feel vindicated now that I really did have something to cry about, as it were. I also have an inflamed pancreas because of the bile duct blockage.

So, next step will probably be surgery although I'd like to avoid that if possible. Unfortunately with five episodes in three weeks and my strong family history, it'll probably have to come out. But better to know than to keep wondering.

Has anyone else here any experience with this and any tips they can share? I would certainly appreciate any input
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I am glad that you found out what it was.

I was thinking that the way that you described what you were going through that it could be your gall bladder.

I think I have trouble with mine every now and then. In fact one night the pain was so bad, I thought I might be having a heart attack cause it hurt so bad in my chest. And I have a high tolerance for pain.

I hope you get to feeling better soon, and I hope you don't hafta have surgery.
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hmm no, i dont, but i hope they can fix it so that you feel better soon.
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Omg >_< last summer I had my gallbladder taken out, my gallbladder was IMPACTED with gallstones, and I had gallbladder attacks for 7 months and NOBODY knew what was wrong with me until I got an ultrasound and they found the gallstones......I was so happy and relieved to have the surgery.

btw, I dont know what your inital post was about your I have no clue as to what the problem was for you, if you could tell me that would be great.
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Here's the link to the other thread, which goes into it in detail. I've looked up alternative treatments and symptoms and it was actually the first thing they thought when I went to hospital, and reading up a bit I can't believe I've thought all this time that gallstones had nothing to do with anything! I'm like a textbook case

But nowhere near as bad as yours! OMG you poor thing. I can't imagine the pain. Well, I can actually, but I think yours would have been MUCH worse.
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that things can get better for you now, Sarah, since they seem to have narrowed it down.
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I had gallbladder attacks in college. It was awful, the pain was so intense and no one could figure out what was wrong with me in spite of the fact that I kept telling them everyone in my family has had this problem They tested me for lupus, hepatitus A,B,C (a stone had eventually blocked the bile duct and my liver was compromised turning me yellow), liver cancer, they asked if I was an alcoholic, but kept saying "you're too young for gallstones". Except I had three of the 4 "F"s of gallstones: fat, female and fair (not yet fourty).

Finally someone sent me for an ultrasound and yep, gallstones. By the time I had surgery I hadn't eaten in days (couldn't keep anything down) and it was a fantastic relief. I had endoscopic surgery and I came out with three little bandaids covering the incisions. The worst part by far was the scope they put down my throat I hope they don't do that anymore, or at least the dang thing has gotten smaller. I never even touched the pain pills.

I had my surgery in 1996 and the endoscopic procedure was kind of new then (luckily I was living in Boston and had access to good hospitals). I believe it is the standard now. I have been fine ever since and I don't have any lasting effects from the surgery (knock on wood). I pretty much eat anything I want, but I try to avoid things that are heavy on cream, lots of saturated fat because I seem to have trouble digesting them now. Ultimately I shouldn't be eating that stuff anyway
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Whew, let me just tell you, it was hell. When I would have an attack I would be curled up in a ball on the floor, barely being able to whole entire stomach felt like it was tensed up and on fire and my back hurt like hell....I couldnt move, and I wouldnt let anyone touch me, no matter what I did the pain never ceased. I'd throw up from the pain and it never did any good. Each time it happened I thought I was dying.......I was scared to eat, I was scared to sleep, I was scared to go to school (during school I had 2 attacks) controlled my life for 7 months and made me lose almost 25 lbs (unfortunatley). Nobody knew what it was....a doctor thought it was period related, I knew it wasent and he made me go to a gyno anyways and they put me on birth control....that did no good. Then I went to visit my fiance in Florida and on the day I was suppose to go home I had an attack and he took me to the hospital and they did an ultrasound and my gallbladder was impacted with gallstones...when they told me I WAS SOOOO HAPPY AND EXCITED, I wasent even nervous that it was my first surgey. Then I had my gallbladder taken out the next day and ive never been better.....but I havent gained the weight back Either way it still traumatizes me to this day :\\ but atleast I have 4 awesome battle scars on my stomach

Ohio doctors suck
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I had mine out in 1980 the week of finals of my last semester in college. I had only one stone and it had lodged in the bile duct. I remember vividly the pain that Roimata described. My parents knew I must really be sick because I said I wanted to go to the hospital (which I had hated since I had my tonsils out at age 5). Took them about a week to pin down that it was my gall bladder.

You are so fortunate that they have the "band-aid" procedure now. I have a 12+ inch scar from my surgery.
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Oh Sarah, I'm glad they found out what it is, I personally have never had Gallstones...I get Kidney stones a lot though Best of luck whatever you decide to do
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Man your lucky lol, only 1 stone? and a 12 inch scar? I love scars. I wish I had yours.

My parents would get annoyed everytime I had an attack and curled up in a ball downstairs and cried about going to the hospital, it was "out of their way" one time my dad got fed up with me and went into my room and smashed my keyboard to about anger management.
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July 24th is my scheduled day to get my gall bladder out. I have a golf ball sized (3.9 centimetre - about 1.54 inch) stine that is killing me. I am in constant discomfort! I am counting the days until it's removal. Just try to watch what you eat (aviod greasy fried foods) and hopefully that will help.

Good luck!
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My boss just had her gall bladder removed a few months ago. She's pregnant and had to wait till she reached 12 weeks or something like that. She said the surgery wasn't fun but she feels soooo much better now. My boss before her also had her gall bladder out. We blame it on that office now!
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awww hon bless your heart! you must feel horrible! i'm glad your doctor seems to be on top of things and has a good idea as to what is causing your symptoms. I hope he is able to remedy the problem soon
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Phew, I am glad that they have found out what is causing you pain. Gallstones, well it's not great, but it's certainly an awful lot better diagnosis than some of the other possibilities, you must be relieved to have an answer!
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My mom had her gallbladder out years ago by the laparoscopic method, and it was a breeze! She felt just fine within hours, and you couldn't keep her down the next day. And she was already 65 or so then, so don't worry -- you'll do great!
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I am glad they found out what is wrong with you.MAJOR vibes coming that way
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If it has to come out then it has to come out, surgery in this case isn't something you should be afraid of. And the bright side, it will not hurt anywhere near as much as a gallbladder attack does.

Originally Posted by Roimata View Post
My parents would get annoyed everytime I had an attack and curled up in a ball downstairs and cried about going to the hospital, it was "out of their way" one time my dad got fed up with me and went into my room and smashed my keyboard to about anger management.
Poor dear I had the same problem, my dad didn't want to take me to the doctor because of the costs - also why I never got mine removed.
It took my grandmother yelling in his face, after I hadn't eaten for eight days and couldn't move, for him to take to find out what it was.

I've not had a serious gallbladder attack since then, but I have to be very careful with what I eat or else I'll get sick. No greasy fatty foods, grilled food (charred at all), no spicy foods, and certainly no fast food.
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